Splinterlands Weekly Challenge: Grumpy Dwarf


Hello splinterlords and splinterladies around the world, how are you feeling today?
Hmmmm! I was busy playing splinterlands throughout the week and I forgot to make my weekly challenge battle. Though it is not too late to write my weekly challenge.
The monster for this weekly challenge is grumpy Dwarf. This common and neutral monster contained reach reach ability that makes it attacks in the second position.
Grumpy Dwarf is not too strong to use in level one because of its 1 health . An attack from magic monsters will simply eliminate it from battle. This disadvantage made me forget about Grumpy Dwarf.
The speed of Grumpy Dwarf is 2, which is not good for battle with high speed Except you are giving reverse speed battle because it won't be able to attack faster.
The highest melee attack is 3 , Even the three melee is not enough to destroy enemy's monsters in some cases.

Super Sneak: All the melee attack monsters have the sneak ability.
Even Stevens: Only Monsters with even Mana costs may be used in battles.

click to watch the battle.

• Furious Chicken: The even stevens rule did not allow me to choose my choice monsters as most of my choice monsters where not in selection. Therefore, Furious chicken was choose in a first position as a sacrificial lamp which gave me opportunity to chose good monsters as it is zero Mana costs.
I never wanted to lose the battle; therefore, I needed to deviced method to win the battle and prevent my monsters from being eliminated. Another reason for putting Furious Chicken as the first monster was that, since monsters can attack in any position; I don't want a situation whereby, high speed and Melee monsters attack my Grumpy Dwarf and eliminated it in the first round. If you watch this battle; in this battle, the two monsters that first attacked came from my opponent whom I was paired with.

• Grumpy Dwarf: I understood that my Grumpy Dwarf is very weak due to its level. My Grumpy Dwarf only have one Ability which is reach ability and this is not enough to win this battle. Though, according to the 'rule' of the battle, it is not necessary to place it in second position but I was eager to know what it Grumpy Dwarf do. I wanted to know how this monster can be useful and resourceful. Despites of all my efforts, Grumpy Dwarf did not attack any Monster before it was finally eliminated at round 1.

• Goblin Mech: I needed to provide support incase of any problem that may arise. Using goblin mech in this battle was behind my victory. Without goblin mech I would have lost the battle. It was my goblin mech that destroyed nightmare and Boogeyman. I knew the health and armor of this monster would make it last longer.

• Cerberus: this was my first monster to attack, it attacks Furious Chicken from behind and eliminated it. Due to the flying ability of phantasm, its misses the attack twice. Though its increasing ability and melee attack was the major reason I selected it. I knew it would keep on increasing its Health that would make its to delay from killing other monsters. Cerberus fulfilled that goal, it wasn't destroyed from the battle as monsters were attacking it.

• Ant Miner: good job from this monster. It took three attacks before it was destroyed.
The first thing was the armor, phantasm attacked the armor first. Before phantasm could attacked ant miner again in the second round, Ant miner has already gained 3 health due to scavenger ability that brought its total health to 4.
At second round, phantasm attacked again but could not kill it at that moment because of phantasm '3 melee' attack. In round 3, Ant miner was finally destroyed by phantasm. In this battle, Ant miner delayed untill round 3.

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All pictures and gif are gotten from splinterlands website