Deep Appreciation To My Dear Friend||Weekend Engagement #130


Happy weekend to you my friends, it's such a privilege to participate in this weekend's engagement for this week. My choice for this week is Show gratitude to someone you value.

Gratitude is the act of being grateful for the favor or goodness received from someone. Most times people think that they receive goodness from only people they know but If we are to receive something good from people we know we may find out that we will be stranded at one point or another.

Today I will be showing gratitude to my very good friend who allowed me to keep my children with her over this week. It happened that we traveled for the weekend and we didn't have to take them along to have all the concentration for the weekend.

So dear friend, I sincerely appreciate you for the kindness you have shown me this weekend by taking in my children this weekend. I didn't feel so bad to allow them to stay home this time because I trust that you will give them full attention. I have never left them for a full day but you assured me that they will be fine.

Well, I have a wish for you this time, that you will one day have yours too so that your joy will be full. There is this joy that comes to a woman when she has her children, and she feels complete as well. So that's the same way I will love you to feel.

Receive all the blessings that come with a kind spirit Yes I wish that you get the full package that comes to those that have good hearts because some people can't stay with other people's children but you even encouraged me to let them that you will keep them.

Thank you so much my dear friend and may God bless you in all goodness.

Thank you for reading through my blog today.

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