Ask Leo: Can Incompetence be a Thing of The Past


Sometimes we have this feeling of incompetence. Do you know that your success story can be someone's motivation?


Lately, I decided to allow myself to be of help to someone. I use to think that I have not got experience enough to start sharing with people. Later I had to rethink and retraced my steps with a belief that my little story which may be little in my own eyes it's someone's miracle start.

Not that you will be an alarm declaring what you have achieved. But if you are true to yourself, the occasion will always present itself and you will share that little encouraging testimony. Just a testimony of how you invested and the patience that kept you can encourage someone into making investments too. A story of how you overcame the rumor that every online platform is a scam will help someone who wants to be helped.

Do not keep it all to yourself. Say something to someone. In so doing you are promoting what you are doing because of the confidence that you have that it is the real stuff. Most times we keep calm a lot of paraventure due to the last set of persons we spoke to the last time who did not believe in what you said or you brought an idea that did not hold water, then came #hive which you did on several occasions and it is real to you but the fear of the last you introduced that did not work is still stopping you. Just come out of the fear and say something.

We may not grow so well without talking to others about this amazing opportunity. I had similar experience too but what I do is I take it one and the other. One person at a time because coaching a group may not be so easy for me.

This advice I believe is for someone and when you put it to work will help. I want to know how this post has helped you overcome that challenge of incompetence.

Thanks for reading through my blog

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