Scammers Are Always On The Lookout For Your Weak Moment. Don't Be A Victim


Choong Deng Xiang in Unsplash

In as much as there are good platforms that offer a real way of making it online, there are those whose sole aim is to scam people of their hard-earned money. Before and in recent times a lot of scamming networks have been in circulation that's the reason why regular awareness has to be created in other for people not to fall prey to this cheap scam.

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Though no matter how it is being stressed, people will still be victims of this kind of platform because of greed and all that.

Most people also fall victim because of ignorance. They don't know much about it, so with their good mind never knew what they were doing was going to have a negative effect they went! ahead to engage before you know it all that they have worked for is gone.

In most instances, I tell my friends who get in contact with the crypto world not to be carried away with a conversation to the point that you realize your keys to someone. Also, avoid clicking on regular links, when you send any link to me I try my best to avoid it especially when I don't know you well

Also, ask questions before engaging in sites that are strange to you or even do your research. Most people are lazy to go and learn more about a project.

Also when you send me a link through my D.M. it gives me more moral to stay away especially if I don't know you I will go ahead and block you off and then report your contact as spam.

Imagine telling me I won 0.8Eth, what did I do for you to have such an amount? When it's too real to be true that's a clear indication of a scam, if it was so he wouldn't have remembered you. He will think of his family and friends first, so don't be swept away.

Patience will help a man not to enter into trouble, what you will have you will it is just a question of time so just take things easy to avoid so many regrets later.

These are my few words for someone today. Do have a blessed Sunday.

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