Even When Nothing Is Going Your Way, Don't Give Up!


Sometimes you just have one of those weeks where nothing is going right. Heck, sometimes it's one of those months, or even years. But giving up should never be in the thought process of a true hustler. Sometimes you may have to reevaluate what you are doing and shift gears and hit a different path, but that doesn't mean that you are giving up.

Now, I would be lying if I said that I have never thought about just giving up, but then when I get those thoughts, I have to slap that little inner bitch (excuse me for the language, but that's what it is), and pick my self up and figure out what went wrong in the situation, and how I am going to pick myself up and move forward.

Failing Is A Part Of Building

Just like when you were a kid, you had to learn to walk, one step at a time. There was a time for you that walking was an extreme task, but, well for most people, because I unfortunately can't say all, get up and walk and now it's just second nature. The point is, that took time to learn.

When you were in school, there was some task that you failed at. Nobody got full on perfect scores their entire school career. Everyone has failed at something. Some of us are just better at taking those fails and turning them into learning lessons. People that can do this are the ones that succeed. They take those failures, which can be many times more than their successes, learn what went wrong, and do it better or shift into a different direction. That's how you eventually win at life, you just have to keep trying.

There Is Always Area For Improvement

Nobody on this planet is perfect. That's just a fact. Everyone has flaws and things that get in their way. But learning how to utilize your strengths AND weakness, is an incredible skill that can only make you stronger in life. Knowing that there is always something to learn and improve on can really help you get through life easier.

Taking feedback can be difficult though. Especially when you are hoping for good feedback, but you end up being disappointed. Sometimes you have to consider the source of the feedback as well. But it's also good to take ALL feedback and see what you can improve on based on it. Whether you find that feedback valid or not at the time, usually somewhere in there, there is something to learn from. So stay open to any an all point of views will help you get ahead.

Learning to Adapt

Being flexible and learning to adapt to your environment is key. Things change fast so you have to learn to ride with the current, or most times you end up flipping the boat. I used to do allot of kayaking in my early days, haha. But the statement holds true on land and in live and business. You have to stay adaptable to new trends. TRUST ME... for a 40 year old in this day in time can be hard to keep up, even when you are in the industry. It doesn't help when most of the world just simply doesn't make sense, but that is a whole different subject.

The point of the above ramblings is that you have to learn to adapt to the ever changing environments. Going back to my river analogy, the water currents can change based on things in the water, change in geology, rocks, bends, etc. You have to learn to adapt and navigate the currents of life to survive. You can't get stuck in thinking you have to do things a certain way, because when the current wants to shift you in a different direction, you better steer the boat or you will end up in a bad spot.

You Can Do It

The whole point of these ramblings is really a self reflection. Talking to myself in the mirror. Because man things just seem like it all goes to crap at once and you just get to a point that you can see the surface of the water, but can't quite get to a breathing point. You just can't quit swimming though. You have to keep pushing and get your nose above the surface to at least take a breath, and get the energy you need to continue to push forward. If you give up in this day in time, not only in business, but in life as well, you might was well be dead. Don't give up, slap that inner bitch and keep moving!


Until next time my hustlers...

Keep calm and Hustle on!


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Failures can be stepping stones if you learn from them. Living in a crazy fast paced world requires constant adaptability to keep going.

I like taking breaks from time to time for some reevaluation. But I can't stay there for long lol, go to keep moving with the flow.


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Great post. Patience is key and perseverance can lead to special things.