Finding The Right Tools To Increase Your Productivity


In our journey to becoming more productive, we have to be able to utilize the tools at our disposal to help us succeed. Besides using your mind alone as a tool, you can use outside resources to help you become more motivated, organized, and productive. There are so many different tools you can try, make, and incorporate into your workday to make life and productivity easier. It's just finding the right tool, or set of tools that works for you!

Using Your Smart Devices

In this digital age, using the tools that our phones, computers, tablets, and smartwatches have is one of the easiest and most helpful things to do. Our electronics are equipped with so much time-saving and productivity-boosting technology right here at your fingertips. Why wouldn't you utilize them? Most mobile devices and wearables come with productivity software built right in!

Computers are a great first place to start. Lots of computers have places where you can write notes to yourself, like sticky notes, notepads, or timed messages. You can easily use these note functions to write your lists, jot down something you need to remember or create a schedule of your day.

If your computer has a reminder function, you can set a timed reminder for certain things. Using the reminders can help you stay on track with your tasks and boost your productivity by helping you remember what needs to be done and stay on task.

Many smartphones also have a reminder function. You can set daily reminders to remind you of daily tasks, or special appointment reminders. For example, with the Apple Reminders app on the iPhone, you can set reminders not just based on time, but also on location! So when you get to a certain place, you will be reminded to do something.

Keeping a Calendar of Events and Appointments

Calendars, both on and off of devices, are an incredibly useful tool in productivity and maintaining motivation. Calendars show you all the things you have going on in the week or month, which helps you to create priorities, schedule your time, and know what you have coming up on your timeline.

Calendars are also great for tracking habits or behaviors! You can see behavioral patterns by marking the days when you managed your time well or did not feel stressed, or whatever you want to track. At the end of the month, you have a map of your behaviors and habits! You can also track how often you complete and stick to your organizational routines. You can get a desk calendar, wall calendar, or a planner with a monthly calendar in it. Sometimes having a physical calendar along with your digital calendar is a great way to keep your to do lists front and center.

Using a Good Old Manual Planner Book

Planners are a great method of keeping track of day-to-day tasks and to-do lists. Planners usually have a monthly calendar and then each week of that month is broken into 7 daily sections, where you can write down what is planned for each day. Planners like this are great because they help you to see long-term commitments or tasks on the monthly calendar as well as daily and weekly projects.

Planners come in all different styles. You can get planners that have a notes section for each week where you can write down your goals for that week, some planners have stickers, and other planners are simple. You can surely find a planner that fits what you are looking for. Make sure that you like your planner because you will be seeing it every day!
Seeing what is ahead of you each month and each week is a really helpful method of long-term time management.

Sometimes having a physical book to write in will help you remember things better just another notification buzzing you on your phone. Actually writing it down on a piece of paper helps your brain remember it better, at least that is just my experience. Same idea as keeping a physical wall or desk calendar.

Sometimes Health Issues Play a Role

If you are diagnosed with ADHD, (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and struggle to remember to take your medication every day, put it in your planner! For people with ADHD, not taking their medication can have intense effects on their productivity, focus, motivation, and job performance. Set yourself up for success by helping yourself remember to take your medication. Believe me as someone that deals with this, you have to sometimes remind yourself to remind yourself, but the medications do help.

If you are like me and don't do the meds anymore, you can be more productive when you have coffee. If this is the case, make sure you have a coffee maker on hand! Having a coffee maker around will limit the amount of time you have to go out to buy a cup of coffee. Leaving your workspace to go buy a cup of coffee is not only a time-waster, but it breaks your focus. There are too many motions and processes in buying a cup of coffee to maintain your focus and productive mindset.

So, if coffee helps, keep coffee on hand. If you often get up midday to buy a second cup, bring a thermal bottle to your workspace that has coffee prepared the way you like it inside. A good thermal bottle will keep the coffee hot or cold until you are ready to drink it.

If coffee isn’t your vice, locate what makes you break your focus and make sure you keep that thing on hand. That way you get your fix of whatever you need and your productivity, motivation, and your focus stays sharp. I have found that ginko biloba and ginseng are great herbs that really can help bring you to focus. I have also been experimenting with mushrooms like lion's mane.

Diet is a huge deal when it comes to your mind acting on it's highest levels. Make sure you are eating good, nutritious foods, and getting some solid exercise and rest!

Make Use Of Timers and Alarms

Another tool to have on hand other than a coffee pot is a timer. You can get little timers in all shapes to keep in your workspace. Many phones, smartwatches, computers, and tablets also have timers on them.

This way, you can choose the amount of time that you want to take to complete or start a task, and you know that you will only have the amount you put on the timer to complete it. Now if you do not complete the task before the timer goes off, take a second to reflect on why. Did you overestimate your ability to finish? Did you get distracted or procrastinate? Why did it take you longer? Find out what happened and try again! Monitor your behaviors and habits so you can change the ones that prevent you from working well.

In Conclusion

Being productive is work in itself. Learning how to manage yourself, especially if you are your own boss, can be difficult. Just know that there are a ton of tools out there that can help you be way more productive and keep you on the track for completing all of your daily tasks! It just takes some planning and preparation.

Again, if you need a little help physically, you can give good old coffee a shot, or even look into some of the more alternative methods that we discussed that are still natural and healthy. Just a side note, instead of dumping cream and sugar into your cup of joe, try keeping it healthy by going black, or using something like coconut or MCT oil. This helps cut the bitterness, as well as gives you other healthy fats and nutrients versus sugar filled creamers.

If those don't help, talk to a doctor and look at medication like Adderall that can help you keep focus and be more productive in your work.

Whatever it takes for you, just take steps everyday to be more productive. This will help you not just in your professional life, but also in your everyday dealings. Hope these tips and tricks help you along your journey as they have mine!

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Amazing idea, I for one have made ADHD and no pills for me just my cannabis, You find coffee helps you? I like coffee but some days it makes me feel like I smoked a bunch meth. L😂😂


Coffee helps. It gets me focused in the morning and sometimes will help in the afternoon but it’s more of a balancer for me. If it wires you out, you may have just more of the ADD focus side of things than the ADHD.