Reminder- Snapshot For Staked HUSTLERM Tokens For COM Airdrop Happening 11/28!


It's the final count down for the snapshot that will be taken on November 28th. We are taking a snapshot of the HUSTLERM miner token rich list and calculating ONLY STAKED HUSTLERM tokens!

So if you have HUSTLERM tokens out there that are not staked in your wallet by November 28th at UTC time, then they will not be counted in the airdrop!

To remind everyone what is going on...

We are deprecating the HUSTLERM token in an attempt to change up some things in our token structure. So we are going to be issuing a 1:1 airdrop for HiveCommerce tokens or COM, which is what the HUSTLERM mines out anyway. I will be clearing out any orders on the order books on that day and burning the remainder of the HUSTLERM tokens that are in the main HiveHustlers wallet.

The snapshot will be taken on November 28 as well as the token burn and discontinuing of the current HUSTLERM mining contract. The COM airdrop is scheduled to happen on December 1.

I put out some initial figures at the beginning of the month, but that is going to change a bit due to some community feedback and the fact that we are wanting to spread issuance out a bit. With the distribution contracts for diesel pools becoming a popular way to incentivize people to provide liquidity to the markets, we are going to be using those to issue COM tokens to a great extent.

The new com issuance starting on December 1 will be as follows:


Delegating to the @hivehustlers account will earn .05 COM tokens per 1 Hive Power delegated. This is an increase from the previously stated .01 COM. So for every 100 HP you delegate to the @hivehustlers account, you will earn 5 COM tokens per day. This will add some variation to the overall daily token issuance.


-Staking HUSTLER dollar tokens will stay as is at 200 COM a day pool.
-Staking LIST tokens will increase to 200 COM a day pool.

Diesel Pools:

LIST/SWAP.HIVE pool will stay as is at 200 COM per day
WEED/SWAP.HIVE pool will have 200 COM per day payout pool

We plan to also add the COM rewards earned by the @hivehustlers account to the various PIZZA pools by on a monthly basis, still trying to figure this out.

This brings a more even distribution of COM tokens across the major communities that we support. If we can ever get @clicktrackprofit to start a diesel pool, we will add some COM distribution to there as well!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments, or come to the HiveHustlers community and hit up our new chat section! '

Hope everyone has a great week, and an awesome Thanksgiving if you are in the US.

Keep calm and Hustle on!

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Hi, so after 28 November what will happen to your Hustlerm staked ?
Will they disappear, or we will have to unstake them and sell them after unstaking ?


I forgot to mention that, good question…

They will be virtually worthless at that point because they will not be earning anything. I know the market orders are dropping off so, you can unstake them and send them to @null and burn them as we are doing with the remainder of the tokens.


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