Earn By Learning How To Code On HIVE - HDS!!

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Hey Kings! As you know, we've announced the HiveDevsSchool:just a few days ago and is calling the atentio of my Hivers!

Today we want to remind you about one of the most cool features within HDS and is that you can actually learn but also EARN by participating actively in the platform, at the same time you're studying new concepts.

And the proccess to make it is really simple:

Select A Skill

Our curriculum has been thought considering different levels of knowledge on the HIVE blockchain and written by our developers team with more than 3+ years of experience building and building on HIVE. Including all our work with @hashkings

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So let's say you want to learn how to read HIVE TX.

Select a Lesson

Each skill on HDS has different lesson within and within each lesson there's a practical project for you. This is a must as we think the best way to learn is actually going directly to the action.

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So let's say you're studying the lesson on how to read all the information you can find on HIVE-ENGINE, you will presented with a specific lesson with all the resources you will need to learn this specific skill.

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And once you've finished the learning stage, you can contribute to this topic sharing:

  • what you've learned with other students.
  • What's your experience with this skill
  • Extra information you think will be valuable for other students
  • Your project using this skill

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All posts are written directly in the HIVE blockchain so you're elegible for votes within all the blockchain.

But to be sure you have a guaranteed reward, our account @hk-curation will be upvoting students contributions!

Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 18.25.00.png

Please note that the curriculum is subject to updates and expansion based on community feedback and industry trends.

If You Want To Support us Please Check Our DHF PROPOSAL

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Amazing job guys such a cool addition, this is gonna be so help full.



Outstanding job King @hivekings, cooperclub(1/5) is grateful for the care and attention you put into crafting this post. Your efforts are truly valued.

In fact @cooperclub has given you 0.075 FT! You can find it in your hive-engine wallet! We hope you enjoy it a lot!

BTW! FT is the token of our game RAIDS, it will serve to make your NFTs stronger warriors and earn more rewards