HBD Payment Issues Finally Solved! Also Accepting Hive Engine SWAP Stablecoins


We are extremely happy to announce that at least for now, have solved the issues with Hive Backed Dollar payments on the Hivelist store. We had figured out a temporary solution, but it was a bit of a manual process on both the customer and our ends and was not what we wanted.

Well, we are happy to finally have the working Hive payments plugin back in action! At this point in time, the conversion isn't working properly, so that is why we are sticking to stablecoin payments. In the eyes of the Hivelist Store, HBD is 1:1 with the dollar just like any other stablecoin. Thankfully we have a nice saving wallet that will help us make up any difference :).

We are also now accepting Hive Engine SWAP stablecoin payments! The Hive Engine stablecoins we are accepting are:


So now when you go to check out for an item on the Hivelist Store, you will see the new options!

Screen Shot 2022-07-09 at 6.15.12 PM.png

Currently we only have Hivesigner capabilities as that was what came with the original payments plugin, but hey, it's a working option and we are happy to have it back working.

One issue is that something is not connecting properly to the outside APIs for getting the conversion rates, so we may have to update that in the future, but for now, payments work as expected and immediately return you back to the site for payment confirmation and a thank you page, which may still say pending, but you will get payment confirmation emails once the order goes into it's processing phase.

For virtual products like ebooks, this is an automatic process, if a physical product is involved, we have to verify on the backend, but we get notifications via email and Discord so we know when orders are coming through! This immediate notification will help us server not only customers but vendors better!

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That's great to hear! Awesome that you guys are still working on it, I'm excited to see LIST or WEED as payment options.

By the way, since the Weedcash Store has been consolidated and joined with Hivelist, will there be any new pipes and water pipes available soon?


This is really a good news.
Since swap.hive is not a stable coin so it might not be part of update but I guess store accepts swap.hive too. (if not it addition might be great)


As I said in the post, something is wrong with the conversion part of the plugin so we are only accepting stablecoins. Plus, we are wanting to our focus on HBD as the main form of payment. Hive is more of a resource token. If we have a stablecoin, we need to use that instead.