NFT Marketplace VS NFT Galleries on HiveLIST - An Info Guide


Hello everyone, hope everyone's week has treated them well in these crazy volatile markets.

Today I want to address some questions and clear up some confusion over the different NFT sections we have on HiveLIST.

One is the main HiveLIST NFT Marketplace that is ran on our native LIST token.

The other is our NFT Galleries that can be set up on the Hivelist Store.

They are two totally different things, so I want to take this time to address the differences.

HiveLIST NFT Marketplace

Screen Shot 20211118 at 7.04.25 PM.png

The HiveLIST NFT marketplace is a blockchain based market built on our second layer outpost and as I said earlier, runs on our native LIST token.

All NFTs on this market are priced and sold in LIST tokens. If you are a creator and want to sell NFTs on this marketplace and want to get whitelisted, you will need to make sure you are staking a minimum of 1000 LIST tokens and there is a whitelist fee of 100 LIST. Each NFT has a base minting fee and an edition fee. Currently the base minting fee is 30 LIST and then 2 LIST per edition. So if you are minting just 1 copy of an item, you will pay 32 LIST to mint. If you are minting 10 editions of the same item, you will pay 50 LIST, 30 base and 2 LIST x 10 editions.

The whitelisting fee and the minting fees paid in LIST are all burned, which takes them out of circulation, thus decreasing the supply of LIST tokens that are available. Whitelisting is automatic and does not require admin approval. Once you get set up, you are ready to mint NFTs on the Hivelist chain!

This market is built on the same framework at the Tribaldex OpenHive market as well as @nftshowroom, although they have the unlockable feature that I am still patiently waiting on, haha. The main difference is that this market runs on our native LIST token giving it yet another awesome use case!

NFT Galleries on the Hivelist Store

Screen Shot 20211119 at 3.41.05 PM.png

NFT Galleries on the Hivelist Store are a completely different beast entirely. The Hivelist Store is a Woocommerce based marketplace where people can become a vendor and start a store to offer products and or services. It also allows vendors to display NFTs as an external/affiliate product that they may have on any external market or blockchain for that matter.

In the example picture above, There are some NFTs displayed by vendors like @groove-logic and @thelogicaldude that link the visitor to the correct marketplace and blockchain that the NFT is located.

So you can have NFTs on Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, WAX or even here on Hive via @nftshowroom or our native HiveLIST NFT marketplace, really whereever you have them minted, you can display them all in one place here on your store giving you a one stop shop for all the NFTs you may be trying to sell!

Now to clear up one question I tend to get allot, store vendors can choose to handle their NFTs in one of two ways. The first and the most recommended way is to just simply set up your product as an external/affiliate product. This simply links the user directly to the correct market where they can purchase the NFT for the native token on that blockchain market.

The second way is to sell it as a virtual product just like you would any other product on the Hivelist Store and then after the sale is made on the Hivelist store website, you will then need to process the order and transfer the NFT to your buyer. This is all a manual process for the vendor and we will process the payment once the order has been marked as shipped. This does however cut the external marketplace out of their cut on the sale, which may possibly violate their terms of service if they have any, so be careful with that. It does however allow people to purchase NFTs with fiat using a credit or debit card or pay in the crypto of choice that we accept!

So really, it's just best to link the product to the correct external marketplace such as Opensea, AtomicHub, Solsea, NFTShowroom, and again, even the Hivelist NFT marketplace, makes things easier for both you and the customer and keeps the nature of the trustless markets in tact.

But how you handle that is your choice...

Wrapping it up

So hopefully this pretty much covers most of your questions on Hivelist NFTs and the NFT Galleries. They are again two completely different setups and have different purposes.

To sum up one more time, the HiveLIST NFT Marketplace runs on the native LIST token and is where you actually mint NFTs and sell them.

The NFT Galleries are a way for Hivelist Store vendors to display their NFT collections across mulitple platforms and multiple blockchains in one place, think your own personal art gallery...

As always please feel free to come join the Hivelist Discord server and we can chat if you have any questions!

Keep calm and Hive on everyone! - Main info and landing site - Blockchain classifieds, NFT market, and DEFI Pool - Woocommerce based multivendor storefront.



thanks a lot for the info I will certainly try nft gallery


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