Hive-Engine Portfolio Experiment: Update 1


It's been 1 week since the Hive-Engine Portfolio Experiment began. Three different baskets of Hive-Engine tokens were selected. Three wallets were set up with 16 SWAP.HIVE each. If you missed out on the detailed introduction post, read that first: Which Hive Engine Portfolio Performs Best in a Bear Market?

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Week 1 Rebalance

The first rebalance occurred on Wednesday, June 22nd. Here's a brief summary of the actions taken.

  • d401d sold some SWAP.MATIC and DHEDGE
  • d401d received some drips from holding DHEDGE, which were converted back to SWAP.HIVE.
  • b401 sold SIM, BUDS, CROP, and bought PIZZA
  • h401 sold some SWAP.LTC

Week 1 Standings - After 1st Rebalance

  • Account: d401d (traditional)
    • Total value: 12.533136 SWAP.HIVE
  • Account: b401 (gaming tokens)
    • Total value: 13.492805 SWAP.HIVE
  • Account: h401 (hybrid)
    • Total value: 14.173330 SWAP.HIVE

So far the hybrid portfolio is holding up the best, but it's still a close race. I was hoping to see SWAP.BTC and SWAP.ETH rocket back to pre-bear-market norms. Maybe that is still in the cards a few months down the road.

Overall, the experiment is going well. The code executed the rebalance actions without any manual intervention. However, the DHEDGE token drips were manually converted because the current code does not pay attention to tokens other than those selected for the portfolio. As an enhancement, I will add a check that identifies unrecognized tokens and automatically converts them to SWAP.HIVE before rebalancing.

Thanks for reading! And many thanks for voting for my Hive-Engine witness: @pizza-engine

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