Keep Your HIVE In Own Wallet & Earn Attractive Delegation Rewards - @HIVEUPME Curator

Hi All,
Our latest script (version 2.0.1) of @HIVEUPME curator is looking for more delegations to share 80% Curation rewards that might worth around 12% APR.

Are You Fed-up By Investing On Token Projects?

When HIVE Token is in a bull trend, the entire HIVE-ENGINE marketplace is at a big loss. Moreover, investing in attractive token projects & stuck in these projects due to short-term market pumps, now it's really hard to make a worthful revenue & secure your precious HIVE from them. Our solution is pretty simple.

Keep Your HIVE & Share Us Delegation

We are not asking about your HIVE investments. We are giving you access to the HIVE-ENGINE token markets via our HIVE-PEGGED - VAULT Token. (Pegged 1:10 Ratio). We are looking for your delegations to the @HIVEUPME curation project to enable access to the HIVE-PEGGED - VAULT Token.

80% Curation Reward

Previously we shared 95% curation rewards between @hiveupme delegators. That old curation script could generate around 10% APR, but with our latest development, we can reach around 15% APR. As a result, we are capable enough to generate around 12% APR for the @hiveupme delegators with our latest (version 2.0.1) curation script.

One of The Highest Delegation Rewards

You can easily compare our delegation service - reward share with other well-known curation-based delegation reward share services. Therefore, it's up-to you to decide which service could generate more delegation rewards very accurately.

The Durability

VAULT Token is not minting manually. @Hiveupme curation should receive to the account to mint VAULT Tokens in the ratio of 1 HIVE to 10 VAULT.
We have enough liquidity HIVE & enough staked HIVE to secure the pegged ratio of the VAULT token.


We are planning to introduce @HIVEUPME Curation Script Version 2.0.2 which has more features than the current script.

"Delegate To @hiveupme Curation Project & Earn 80% Curation Rewards"
Contact Us : CORE / VAULT Token Discord Channel


It's a nice idea.
I have little hp.
I will likely buy some for delegation.
Good project.
Thumbs up