Version (2.0.1) of @HIVEUPME Curation Script Launched!

Hi All,
It's a quick update to let you know, we launched a new curation script (Script Version 2.0.1) for @HIVEUPME curator.

Multi Tag Support Added...

Previous script (Version 1.0.4) was supported GEMs Community curations only. But with this script, we curate multiple tags & communities as well.

80% - 85% Curation Reward...

Previously we shared 95% curation rewards between @hiveupme delegators. That curation script could generate around 10% APR, but in recent days we have monitored it generated less than 10% APR. As a result, we have developed this new script which can generate more APR than previous & we will share 80% - 85% curation reward between delegators. This script can generate more than 12% APR for the @hiveupme delegators.

The Durability...

@hiveupme curation project has enough liquidity & enough HIVE Staked balance to secure the pegged value of the VAULT Token which is shared as delegation rewards. Moreover, VAULT Token is not mint manually. The entire process is automated and based on the Received curation rewards of a particular day.


We are planning to introduce NFT based token-economy with the @hiveupme curation project.

"Delegate To @hiveupme Curation Project & Earn 80% Curation Rewards"
Contact Us : CORE / VAULT Token Discord Channel