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CAKE Price Drop & My Investment Decision by @readthisplease


Its been a long time I talked about the CAKE token, because, in my opinion I lost quite a lot from the token. Imagine spending a lot of money buying a token at $20 price only to see the value crash below $3. I was really disappointed especially because I sold some of my most valued token at that time to buy the CAKE token


India United Coin and the potential for nation-based tokens on Hive by @cryptothesis


I recently saw that I have some IUC tokens in my Hive Engine wallet.
Of course, I dug deeper to learn what it is.
Turns out it's none other than the new token from the Indiaunited community.


Positioning Within Inflationary-Based Asset Models by @sapphirecrypto


When it comes to Crypto projects, one of the most important aspects of success is that of tokenomics. This incorporates the “minting” of new coins via an inflationary-based model. Yes, much to the surprise of some, even Bitcoin is an inflationary-based asset. This will continue to be the case until approximately 2140. This is when the last Bitcoin will be mined, or at least is expected to be, according to approximate block times.


The Digital Nomad Lifestyle by @takhar


Thanks to the pandemic, more people are open and embracing the digital nomad lifestyle of being location independent. With more technological advancements and the increased adoption of the internet, making a good living from anywhere in the world is becoming more of a reality.


Hive: Building Trust Between Community Members by @joetunex


Hive can be described in various ways depending on its impact on one's life; for some, it is a gem, a lifesaver, a retirement plan, etc. As I sit behind my desk typing these words Hive holds several meanings to me and much more than I can put into words, for the past 6-7 months it has taken the form of a full-time job, so I can boldly describe it as a job.


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