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Hive engine tokens confusion ... by @bhattg


There are a total of 924 tokens that are available on the hive engine tokens you can look over the toke list from here, this is not the only place from where you can trade hive tokens. It is tough to track every single token on your own if you do have some tools to track their price and other things then that can be helpful.


Zimbabwe Gold-Backed Digital Currency, What It Means For Zimbabweans by @joetunex


I had the opportunity to form friendships with Zimbabweans, work with them, and also live with them when I lived in South Africa. They are brilliant and very industrious. Sadly their country is nothing to write home about economically, for a country that used to be referred to as the breadbasket of Africa.


Price Appreciation - Crypto's Primary Selling Point? by @sapphirecrypto


when one begins to consider the “casualties” of 2022, it becomes abundantly clear just how many Crypto investors are rather unconcerned with self-custody. For many, that has perhaps since changed. Loss and potential loss are completely different and are also uniquely interpreted by the human mind.


Handling Inflation; Cutting down on Food and Transportation. by @gbenga


I wrote in my last post on inflation and I specifically stated how much I am affected as a person, definitely I am not the only one who has to deal with this problem of not having an increased income but having to spend on the ever-increasing market price all the time. These days it is difficult to afford what you need, talk more of being able to save and invest. The thing about inflation is that there is no accurate manner of high inflation could get and how long it would last.

9771C8DB-637C-4146-B72A-D9C807643A6A.png is about to get Operational License in Dubai by @nonsowrites


Roqqu is the first centralised exchange I used. I stumbled upon it in 2018 when I started my crypto country and close to 500 Hive (steem) tokens have gone through my Roqqu wallet. Also, Roqqu happens to have started their journey on hive(steem) before, so there is a lot of history between the exchange and Hive. However, I stopped using their exchange to due consistent issues transacting on their app. Also, I discovered Binance which provided superior CEX service, but if you consider their size compared to Roqqu this is a given.


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