LEO&HODL Contest - Focus: Re-Designing LeoFinance UI Winners πŸŽ‰

There is a weekly LeoFinance and HODL Community contest that distributes 175 LEO to top 3 entries. The aim of the contest is to raise awareness of LEO Products and discuss on their contribution to our ecosystem. With your posts and LeoThreads, you can get upvotes from @hodlcommunity and get tickets for 175 LEO contest.


We are still setting up a sustainable contest system that can be beneficial for our growing ecosystem. Meanwhile, we constantly add and remove some tasks and prioritize some weekly focus items.

For the thirty sixth week, we had 3 valid entries by our amazing community members. The focus was Re-designing the LeoFinance User Interface by Leo and HODL Community members.

We discussed The Options on the left side of LeoFinance User Interface and how to make them more useful for both short-form and long-form LeoFinance posts.

Let's see the entries of this week πŸ‘‡





LEO&HODL Contest : My Contribution On Redesigning Leofinance UI & Modification by @jude9



LEO&HODL Contest: Re-Design LeoFinance UI (My Opinion as a Lion) by @peniel2010



Hall of Fame - The Winners

First of all, we would like to thank all our authors for their amazing posts. Honestly, we are glad to see your participation for the things we learned in LeoFinance ecosystem and insightful posts. All participant posts are voted by the team, here are the winners πŸ‘‡

Number 1 of LEO Contest: @jude9 - 100 LEO Tokens πŸ”₯
Number 2 of LEO Contest: @peniel2010 - 50 LEO Tokens πŸ€
Number 3 of LEO Contest: @henrietta27 - 25 LEO Tokens πŸŽ‰

Thank you for your efforts. Congratulations πŸ™πŸΌ

Proof of LEO 🦁

LEO tokens will be sent to the top authors of the weekly LEO&HODL Challenge from the @hodlcommunity account. The screenshot will be shared in the comment section or approved in the Discord Channel.

All of the entries are revieved and upvoted by @hodlcommunity. Thank you for your contributions ✌🏼

Waiting for the next week impatiently πŸ”₯

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Leo&Hodl Authors

Our previous competitors will always have a special place for our contests. We would like to thank them for their participation.

@ksam | @ifarmgirl-leo | @mrenglish | @tengolotodo | @merit.ahama | @henrietta27 | @deraaa | @b0s | @thetimetravelerz | @idksamad78699 | @atyourservice | @princessbusayo | @actordontee | @hivedeb | @adaezeinchrist | @mhizsmiler.leo | @fasacity | @iskafan | @funshee | @anonymous02 | @peniel2010 | @monica-ene | @temmylade | @fasacity | @depressed.leo | @actordontee | @firstborn.pob

We are glad to have all of you, thanks for your attention and efforts πŸ™πŸΌ

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In the first week, We talked about LeoThreads

In the second week, we talked about LeoBridges

In the third week, we talked about Leo PowerUP Day

In the fourth week, we talked about LeoGlossary by Taskmaster

In the fifth week, we talked about Leo.voter

In the sixth week, we talked about Leodex.io

In the seventh week, we talked about LPUD 2

In the eighth week, we talked about HiveStats

In the nineth week, we talked about DailyLEO

In the tenth week, we talked about LeoFi

In the eleventh week, we talked about LeoPedia

In the twelfth week, we talked about Interesting LPUD Ideas

In the thirteenth week, we talked about ChainChatter by LeoFinance

In the fourteenth week, we talked about Multi-Token Bridge Revenue

In the fifteenth week, we talked about Growing Our LEO Stake

In the sixteenth week, we talked about Upcoming Features of LEO Token

In the seventeenth week, we talked about What we have learned on LeoFinance

In the eighteenth week, we talked about 2023 LEO Goals

In the nineteenth week, we talked about The best ways to promote LeoFinance and LEO products in 2023

In the twentieth week, we talked about The Reasons and Benefits of Becoming Threads Squire on LeoThreads

In the twenty first week, we talked about LEO Magazine

In the twenty second week, we talked about LEO Products in your Top 5

In the twenty third week, we talked about Gamification of LeoFinance Experience

In the twenty fourth week, we talked about Alpha LeoFinance IU

In the twenty fifth week, we talked about Crew3 Quests

In the twenty sixth week, we talked about Project Blank

In the twenty seventh week, we talked about Sprint Quests

In the twenty eighth week, we talked about Price Predictions of LEO Token in a Bull Run

In the twenty nineth week, we talked about Polls on Alpha LeoFinance.

In the thirtieth week, we talked about Leo Ecosystem in Q1 2023

In the thirty first week, we talked about Potential LEO Partnerships

In the thirty second week, we talked about What HBD is as a Cross-Chain Stablecoin

In the thirty third week, we talked about Guessing Zealy Quests

In the thirty fourth week,we talked about New User Interface of LeoFinance.

In the thirty fifth week, we talked about How to Rank Up on Zealy Quests by LeoFinance.

This week, the focus was on Re-designing UI of LeoFinance to make the options on the left more user friendly as Lions wish to have. More is happening on this side already

What's the Focus of Next Week?

Please wait for the declaration of next week's LEO focus.
It will be shared by @idiosyncratic1 and reblogged by this HODL Community main account ✌🏼

We have covered tons of topics with your precious contributions. Our next focuses will be about Hive and LeoFinance products as usual.

Extra: We would like to hear your opinions for our weekly focuses. As you know, the focuses need to be based on LEO products, CUB projects and Hive ecosystem. Thanks for your attention in advance 🀍


Stay tuned for the rules and the details of the thirty seventh week of the contest. The details of the thirty seventh week will be shared by @idiosyncratic1 and rehived by @hodlcommunity.

Thanks @leofinance team and @hodlcommunity for sponsoring this event. Special thanks to @vlemon, @idiosyncratic1 and @anomadsoul for their efforts πŸ’ͺ🏼

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