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Can Cryptocurrency Increase the Value of Your Long-Term Investments? by @krabgat


Raoul Pal believes that certain assets perform better in liquidity environments than others and that European equities have historically underperformed other asset classes. This is due in part to European investors' preference for bonds over equities, as well as Europe's slower economic growth compared to other regions.


What I think and know about BTC and other cryptocurrencies by @rokasimir


Hi people. I am really new using and knowing about cryptocurrencies in general; but in recent months I have been reading and learning a lot about it; and all (or almost all) what I've discovered is very interesting and positive in every way.
What I have understood based on my research
Well, I am quite a curious person, so I like to read and research the real cause of things; and one thing have realized through my personal researches, is that the whole crypto market has depended, depends, and will always depend on what Bitcoin does in the market.


EXTRA #15: How to buy SPS on Crypto.com App and send them to Splinterlands (UPDATED REPOST FOR LEOFINANCE) by @magalli


Today I will re-post on the amazing community that is LeoFinance an updated guide I wrote some months ago on how to buy SPS on the Crypto(.)com app and send them to Splinterlands.
Riftwatchers Packs will be on pre-sale soon, if you missed the news, you could read it HERE, SPS will be needed for the purchase, so this is an updated guide to buy them if you are new or you have no time to unstack your SPS, it could be useful. (Considering the 0% fees on Crypto(.)com for the first-month).


Study the Forex, Stock and Crypto Markets by @thayeblohangen


In these few days I started to register in stock market, crypto and forex. I'm studying. So, I scoured @leofinance for posts. I choose to read and study the writing in the posts
[Don't Blame The Market: A Lesson Learned From My Trading Experience In Stock Market](Don't Blame The Market: A Lesson Learned From My Trading Experience In Stock Market)
Writing about @aliakbar2's experience is a lesson that makes me have to learn more before acting or making transactions. Today, I write about stocks or crypto and The foreign exchange (forex or FX), and so on, and use those posts as a reference.
Study the Forex, Stock and Crypto Markets


Buying $SHARD token - check current supply & demand - My Plan for $SHARD token... by @gungunkrishu


I am sure by now you all would have heard about this new game on HIVE blockchain going by Golem Overload. If not then I would recommend to visit the game website to a get sense about the game and its associated tokens which are $PART and $SHARD. I joined the party a bit late where $PART token has already skyrocketed and is trading for above 2+ $HIVE but with $SHARD we are yet to see its full potential and I strongly believe that it still has a lot of potential to 2x from here. Currently, $SHARD is trading for 1.2+ $HIVE and seems to be a good buy. But please note that this is not a financial advice and invest at your own risk. Lets have a look at some numbers associated to the active players and new users joining the game..

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