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Rewards for PKM:SPS Liquidity Pool & My Strategy... by @gungunkrishu


I have been providing liquidity to the PKM:SPS Pool from day ONE on Beeswap portal. And as seen from the above image you can see my current share in the pool which is around 0.868% and this share gets me around $2+ of rewards daily; sweet isn't it?

I had a quite a lot of SPS tokens in hand and hence it became easy to LP into the PKM::SPS pool as I needed to buy in PKM tokens only. As stated above, I want to be in a position to keep accumulating PKM tokens and the best way so far I can see is via entering the LP pool and keep building your stack. Hence, the same strategy, I would be applying wherein I would be routing my daily rewards from the LP back to the PKM::SPS liquidity pool.

I have been re-investing my LP rewards of PKM:SPS pool to increase my holding of both tokens. PeakMonsters project is one of the best third party markets for Splinterlands. I'm using the tools of the platform frequently. Knowing that there is an amazing team behind, I have no single issue about re-investing my tokens every single day.

If you have not checked the liquidity pool or the tokenomics of PKM, it is better to take an immediate action now. These guys are building a solid token with a decent utility ✌🏼


Crypto Winter Isn't A Thing Anymore by @bitcoinflood


We are now seeing stocks sell off and crypto start to rally already. While others are laying people off many others are stock up and others are actully hiring on more people. What's simply happening now after the price slump is cleaning out the fat and tinning the markets and businesses that became bloated are either being filter out or downsized to a manageable level.

During all of the crypto boom of the last two years we really didn't see much development. All we saw was other platforms copying each other many of which simply were designed to make a quick buck and leave. We saw this across all aspects of crypto from NFTs, DeFi platforms, a few new blockchains (I'd have to say the introduction of new block chains this time around was much less compared to the pervious)

Cryptocurrencies have been following a downtrend for some time due to the global concerns that affect the market deeply. While it is getting harder for projects to plan their budgets and sustain their operations, we are seeing the collapse of some "zombie" projects or copy-paste ones which had no value to bring our ecosystem.

Though the winter is a harsh time, it is also the best time to add more valuable tokens/coins to your crypto bag. Piling up more BTC, ETH, Hive, LEO, SPS, PolyCUB may never be that easy! Once the market turns into green for another bull-run, we should be well-prepared for that πŸ˜‰


Sudden silence in Non Fungible Token (N.F.T) ecosystem, any reason for this? by @tfame3865

image 3

If you notice how the entire cryptocurrency world were chanting Non Fungible Token, you will notice that when being compared to now, there is simply big difference. I am currently wondering why there is silence in the Non Fungible Token ecosystem, is there something I am missing out on. Well, if you have any glue on what I might be missing please try to get me updated, I will surely appreciate it.

Without much deliberation if we weigh how Non Fungible Token were all over the place and being talked about compared to now, you will notice that there is significant changes. The buzz is gradually diving off, it might be because some persons were gaming the system. They will create an Non Fungible Token with their first account and use the other account to buys it. People keeps getting suspicious about this and at some point in time they got discouraged about such act. If there is more to this I will love to learn.

I think each hype has its own inner cycles in crypto ecosystem. When NFT furry was driving the market, we witnessed the bubble enlarging every day. Though it is hard to assess the value of a digital asset, anything created via some tools for million times hardly have a strong narrative to be valued for me.

NFT market, like the other markets, lost some liquidity due to the less interest in these digital assets and major concerns that everyone pays attention to. However, it is obvious that NFTs have a part in our life thanks to their devastating utility!


Former NFT site employee charged with insider trading by @melbourneswest


It is alleged that the employee was tasked with finding NFTs to be listed on the sites homepage and the employee would find NFTs and purchase them through a number of other accounts he held for low value and then relist them on the Opensea homepage at a much higher price.

The case is the first ever crypto insider trading case brought to trial and an interesting one that many are watching as the charges can bring a 40 year jail term. However, Cryptocurrency is promoted as "out of the reach of regulators" and therefore a decentralised economy with no rules.

Insider trades are popular these days. The employees of some giant projects are misusing the early information they get to make gains while dumping the things on the others. In reality, if someone is buying an asset at a cheaper price because of an insider info, then s/he is stealing the profit of the other person before the seller can make gains.

Sad to admit that insider trades and crypto market manipulations frequently happen in our ecosystem. In such situations, we should choose the best service providers to use and add value. Otherwise, there is no end point for such frauds.


Market timing by @dwayne16


Just like every other area of life where success is needed crypto also takes time for you to understand, one of the reasons why people fall into this aspect of finance is because we are all looking for shortcuts and we don't spend more time on research, on how the market works and how we can properly invest in a project in crypto. One thing research always does to us is give us stability in our decisions because you already how the project works which gives us a proper understanding on how much we want to risk on such projects but the most crucial part is market timing.

Market timing gives us perfect entry to buy or sell a particular asset with amazing profits or to avoid big losses in the market. This is important for crypto because it is volatile and not having the right entry can be bad not for only our money but for our mental health also. The Crypto market can be tough sometimes especially when the market is not going in your favor. Proper time also helps in our confidence, and decisions making towards a project which in the end determines our success rate.

Crypto market cycles enable us great returns from our early investments that we do the times like these days. When the digital assets are sold for cheap prices and there is less attention on them, it is the time for me to pile up them as much as possible.

By taking your time, you can easily make massive return of your investment in crypto ecosystem (though the exact opposite is also possible). Considering the risks and rewards for your actions, your "right-time" investments always bring fortune as long as you do not try to fight with the market!


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