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WTH Is ERC-6551 & Why Does It Matter? by @finguru


Ah, the world of cryptocurrencies! It's like a never-ending amusement park of innovative ideas. xD As a self-proclaimed crypto enthu, I'm always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in the crypto realm. And guess what? I recently stumbled upon a fascinating new token standard that has completely taken me off guard – ERC-6551! NFT folks would love this development. I didn't get it when the first time I read about it on Twitter. Then I re-read about it, again and again. 🤤 So, here's what I understood so far:
As we all know, ERC-721 is a token standard that revolutionized Web3 and enabled the creation of NFTs on Ethereum. ERC-6551 is not just any ordinary token standard; it's going to upgrade ERC-721 to a whole new level!


Why You Should Be On Thread by @etorobong


The leo finance community is one of the biggest and most active community in hive with great reputations and establishment towards building the Hive blockchain despite the fact that the crypto market has been changed or full-time but the Leo finance community keeps bringing out project that gives the community going and one of the recent project is the threads.


Learn How to Start and Grow a New Business by Alysha Khan by @be-alysha

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People are engaged in various activities for livelihood. Workplace is an inevitable part of human life. Depending on education, culture, country, needs, family, population, etc the workplace of people is different. Workplaces are different from person to person. Some prefer corporate life and some prefer private ownership. People always run after profit. How will the output be greater than the input? Where to apply his knowledge, he will get the most benefit. A large part of life is spent to get education. Then one have to spend more time behind the job. Many people spend a lot of time in their lives without work. But those who are bright and have the self-confidence to start their own business venture outside the corporate life.


How I ran a bread business successfully. by @abdul-qudus


My experience with business
I am not a businessman or someone who knows anything about a business before. All I knew was the basics of business thought in our business studies class, we were thought about cash book, capitalization , types of market infrastructures , entrepreneurs , advertising, accounting, and many more related topics, little did I know I will finally get to use then in real life when the time comes.
A year ago my national service was a great experience in my life. I am the type of person that loves to remain independent or less dependent on people. I have always thought it would come hard but in the long run, I realize it comes so easy. I always find myself doing things that would add value to my life.


Effective strategies for boosting productivity by @orijefor


There are a number of strategies that can help improve productivity, including:
Setting clear goals: Define specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals, and make a plan to achieve them.
Prioritizing tasks: Use tools like the Eisenhower Matrix to prioritize tasks based on their level of importance and urgency.
Eliminating distractions: Identify and eliminate sources of distraction, such as notifications on your phone or social media sites, when you need to focus on a task.

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