A Full Year Hive Challenge for Myself - A Real Commitment

Lately I'm enjoying more and more the Hive blogging experience, and the communities that makes such a wonderful space. If you're a Hiver you probably know it, but the whole space of Hive social is gigantic. Filled with incredible communities that can reward your content creation according with the specificity of your writing. I have been learning a lot lately and I decided it was time to fully commit myself to it.

The Challenge

The challenge is simple, for the next 12 months I'll post at least 7 posts a week without a waver. I know as a fact that I wouldn't be able to do it a post a day, so let's keep it weekly. During those 12 months I have a list of important goals to achieve, and why.

Hit a 100 Followers: Follower is a number that can quantify how great and consistent my content is through Hive. I wanna keep improving myself on that front so that I can always create value for my readers. A hundred is a humble number, and I could certainly aim higher, but I think one step at the time is already good.

Engage with the Community: Hive is insanely huge and honestly I have been learning about tribes daily, and I'll try to spend more time interacting, learning about those tribes and trying to get value and produce value for them.

Accumulate Tokens: I wanna significantly increase my holdings of Hive, SPT, Leo, POB, Alive, OneUp, and many more tokens in this process. I wanna be able to share a little bit of that with the community through Trails, Staking and helping Curators do their amazing job in the Hive ecosystem. Why? Because I'm tremendously bullish on the Hive blockchain itself, and I'd love to help grow the whole ecosystem, even if only by a little fraction.

Hive is the future, you've heard here first!

Improve my Designs: One month ago I was completely ignorant about editing images and things like that. I literally knew nothing. Improvement comes with time and effort, but I can feel already the results of the little things I've applying in my thumbnails and other post related things. It is adamant to a creator that people click on the content, from there on you can rely on your writing and content, but if you're thumbnails are so bad that people don't even wanna see what's inside, then there's no point to it.

My Holdings

It's important to mark the start of this Journey with some actual facts. As it stand right now those are my holdings.

On top of that I have 9 followers already, and only 91 to go for my yearly goal.

Make yourself a personal Challenge

If you're on Hive and enjoy writing, I challenge you to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone for a while. Try to put your heart into it and share with all of us!

I'd love to hear your thoughts and please share your own content down below if you wish to. I'll be looking around to see what I can discover from this post.

See you around the Hive.

Thanks for Reading!