That is why you should not invest what you cannot afford to lose


He caught my attention on many social media sites by publishing posts or some sarcastic picture of people waiting while Hodling.

So all I thought was that these people did not do the right thing, as they seemed to be in dire need of profit from the currency or in need of the amount they invested in their lives.

I am not saying that everyone does this, some of them post for fun and laughter, but others seem to be very affected by the delay in the rise of their currencies or by the great loss that they have fallen into.

So back to the title of this post where you should invest what you can afford to lose and not do it again. I definitely don't blame them all. We all need money, and even if we don't need money at the moment, we definitely need extra money for fun and entertainment.

But I'm talking if you invest what you can't afford to lose, this will not only make you lose time while you complain, but it will also make you very much lose that money as well.

As your feeling of loss or feeling anxious about this money will not make you make the right decision, whether in Hodl or Trading, where you will sometimes have to sell at a loss for fear of losing a lot of money and at other times you have to be satisfied with a little profit for fear of losing.

The solution

So, the good investor is the one who puts part of the money that he does not need at the present time or in the long run, and with a good study of the market, a good plan for investment, and a specific target for profit and also to stop the loss, and with all that I will wish you good luck as well, but then you will have increased your chances to get on it.

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