UTOPIS - Best-in-class dividends project



Let's talk a bit about Utopis today, it's actually a bit surprising we don't get to see more posts on this project.
This is one of the best dividend/passive income token you will be able to find on Hive.
And I'm not saying this to pump my bags... well not only :D
But first thing first

What is UTOPIS ?

You can find the baseline concept in the Whitepaper.
Given the funder, @chronocrypto, published it in February 2021 some changes have been made here and there, new income streams developed, etc.
So I'll try to give you some highlights and show you how sexy this project is.

We should address the "How" first, how UTOPIS is able to distribute very generous dividends without going broke where many similar projects failed ?
Is the money growing from Internet magic tree ? Not really ;)
There are several income streams and Chrono is always trying to add more whenever the occasion arise.
But to name a few:

  • Doordashing
    Certainly the largest part of the income coming from there. The man is a machine...
    I've heard Doordash offices are covered with Chrono pictures and they think about nominating him for an award :D
    If I'm not wrong he was able to get USD 5000 in the best months !
    A large chunk of this income is going straight to UTOPIS, benefiting us holders - I'll come back to that later.
  • ETH mining
    Chrono is running an ETH mining rig and we can agree on 2021 being a very good year for mining ETH.
    75% of the ETH mined is sold to buy HIVE and inflate UTOPIS holdings.
  • BRO biggest holder
    BRO is another wonderful project I'll have to talk about in another post.
    But to make it simple BRO is paying dividends to holders and UTOPIS is getting a very sizeable chunk of it.
  • Investing in new tokens
    Some of us like to dig and search for the next golden token, so do Chrono.
    In case you're too lazy, or just bad at picking token, UTOPIS will do the work for you.

There's more to list, like with the recent Splinterlands boom, Chrono has dusted his account off and been investing in cards.
Not sure how it will unfold for the project but you can be sure a chunk will fall in UTOPIS bags.

The man obviously knows how to make money, let's see if he knows how to give it back to us :)

Holding is rewarding

That's correct, you will earn weekly dividends (transferred on Monday) by just holding UTOPIS tokens in your wallet.
You don't even have to stake it to enjoy those fatty dividends !
Well if you do you'll get a bit more but I'll come back to that just after.
From the start of the project till very recently, holders were given HIVE only with APR you would not be able to find anywhere else.
APR (based on most recent payout + Recent price of UTOPIS): 70%
And that's not including the additional HE tokens rewards I'm going to talk about right now.
Since September 19th holders are given HE tokens on top of the HIVE dividends.
Here is the list of HE tokens sent weekly:

  • APE
  • SIM
  • STEM
  • SPS
  • CINE
  • BEE

Staking is more rewarding

That's another very recently added feature (September 30th) which is boosting your dividends if you stake your UTOPIS.
The boost is about 10% and is shared between stakers, so the more stakers the less boost for you.
BUT keep in mind you still get juicy rewards even if you don't stake - obviously I'm trying to deter you from staking :)

A cool piece of website

Big thanks to @bala41288 who built this UTOPIS website with love.
Some interesting information you'll find there.

  • Dashboard
    With Total/Circulating/Burn supply, market price and trading volume.
    Did you notice 72,544 tokens are staked ? if you remove 54876 tokens held by Chrono you reach a 76% staking percentage.
    Apparently holders are not willing to sell :)

  • HIVE payouts
    Neat stuff, all the HIVE distributed to all holders from the start of the project and the very first dividends.

  • HE tokens payouts
    Same but for all HE tokens

  • Individual payouts
    Same as above but for a specific user - coming soon

  • Richlist
    Go have a look, I seriously mean it.
    You'll find Hive OGs, Hive wisemen and the best passive income token funds there.
    Oh you'll also find some lucky bastards who got lucky and "met" Chrono right before he started UTOPIS project.

Current UTOPIS holdings value

What's next ?

For sure there will be a full bag of rewards coming weekly.
You'll seriously start to love Mondays and their dividends.
Isn't that sweet ?

A possible Airdrop for those who staked their tokens - no information shared yet but it's in the process.

A possible token burn - that was mentioned in the whitepaper already so a long time idea.
Following BRO pattern/experience and the positive impact the burn had on the token.

An increase in profit sharing percentage.
Doordash master Chrono is thinking to increase the share of doordashing revenue going directly to the project.
What does that mean concretely ? the man is going to keep working his ass off doordashing and give more to us UTOPIS holders, as simple as that.

Wanna hear a secret ?

I really thought twice before to share this with you because all of you will be cutting my APR down ;)
So here we go, you can earn UTOPIS by providing liquidity in some Diesel pools !
Which ones ? I've said enough, go find it by yourself !
I didn't check it all but at the moment you have:

  • SWAP.HIVE:PIZZA LP Reward distributing 13.526 UTOPIS ($37.530) DAILY
  • PIZZA:DEC LP Reward distributing 6.780 UTOPIS ($18.811) DAILY
    Alright go ape there but be nice, don't take all my rewards ;)

Hive-Engine Witness

Would be great if you could cast a vote to Chrono HE witness => chrono.witness
Any Hive witness coming up someday @chronocrypto ?


Go have a look at Chrono gallery on NFTshowroom.
You can even buy some made by UTOPIS designer.


Where to buy UTOPIS ?

Here are some links to buy UTOPIS with your SWAP.HIVE.
On Hive-Engine
Or Tribaldex
Or Leodex

And a last word to join us on UTOPIS discord channel.
You'll get fresh UTOPIS news and latest ideas from Chrono.

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Wanna hear a secret ?

Geez, remove this at once!! ;-)

Too bad the dec:pizza pool doesn't count to the SPS airdrop if it did I'd go full ape there for sure.

Wonder what genious soul came up with the staking idea hehe. Glad to see it's the popular option. Some long term hodlers here and for good reason.

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I might edit it later if my % of the pool decreases too much :D
Oh I would be aping in there too if it was the case ! I'm already a bit in it for the pizza reward.

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Good to see you posting! We need quality posts here, so do us a favor, get yourself together and post more :)

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Thank you erikah ! And you're right I really need to kick myself hard and write more often...

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Just what I needed to read mate! I was looking for some decent, concise info on this project and here you are, right on time! I shall now go a peruse further.
You have a good weekend mate!


The first week, I think we got about 25% based on people staking and there are more people staking so I guess we will hover closer to 10% on staking bonuses soon.

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True I was also surprised by the first week staking bonus.
But yes too many stakers now :D

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