Blindness of CEXs Irritates - DEC, SPS & Voucher +++

Games are inseperable parts of our lives regardless of our ages. While CSGO, GTA, PUBG etc. are played by millions of people, they only help players release dopamine to feel better. In the midst of gaming era, GameFi / Play2Earn model came up with its incredibly attractive nature.

Earning money while having fun sounds too good to be true. Imagine you are owning each asset in your account that is secured by blockchain! It is no longer a dream for gamers who revive himself/herself via games. Though it was harder for people to hunt hidden gems in crypto, it is no longer the case. When you click on DappRadar, or any data tracking website, you will see the blockchain-based games being categorized.

CEXs and Splinterlands.gif

Though the vast majority of the games are not listed on any global exchanges, there are lucky or let's say "successful" examples such as MOBOX, Axie, GALA, Alice, TLM (Alien Worlds) and many other. It may look quite normal but there are seriously undervalued games that should be listed ASAP like Splinterlands for sure!


Basically, every single day I'm discovering blockchain-based games that are distributing their newly created in-game tokens in exchange of liquidity provided on their pools. In a day, I intentionally or by chance figure out games which are copy-paste of other popular counterparties. As you know very well, there is a tendency in crypto to copy things until every single person is fed up with these thing. IT has been non-stop happening in several popular blockchains at high speed.

  • No product,
  • No team behind
  • No value to be attributed but it is called game as there is a unique(!) front-end.

Everything is highly correlated with the law of supply and demand in crypto. While these game-like things are popping like mushrooms, the existing and valuable games are ignored. On the other hand, such game-like things are great at attracting pump-n-dump guys to let them make gains for the noise that they make. Each of these things muddy the water eventually.

Sickness of Game-like things -> Provide Liquidity ; Take my token; Stake it; Repeat...

In short, do not take your money somehow from the system because it is the mere narrative of the platform. Sad but just take a look at the blockchains and you will agree with me 😑

GameFi is still hot and it has potential to accelerate the mass adoption while generating an income for thousands of people. I'm seriously worried about these parasites to decrease the value of GameFi model before Splinterlands get listed on top exchanges.

Splinterlands, On the other hand:

Not sure if people totally get the point with the upcoming Vouchers. These vouchers are going to be an airdrop of the airdrop! SPS airdrop will bring another airdrop for people to trade or use it for in-game purchases. Unbelieveable!

If you play a match and win:
-> You receive DEC
-> Your DEC brings SPS
-> Your SPS brings Voucher
And all these tokens mentioned above have a specific usecase in the game. Besides, there are bridges to other blockchains in which players can trade the moment they receive them! I am fed up with being ignored.

Is there any other game with such an gamification model with sustainable gameplay?
How many of the games listed on CEXs can host such crazy dynamics for a quarter million of people?

Either I do not do my research properly or there is none.

CZ projects.PNG

Do you think the teams behind CEXs are unaware of Splinterlands? Of course no!

Ask yourself - What if Splinterlands was on the previous blockchain?

Would the case be the same? How many listing would have taken place until that day? Start counting from Asian exchanges and end it up with the local ones.

What I see is hypocrisy.

The whole crypto ecosystem is dying for NFTs: Each card is an NFT!
People want to make gains through gaming: I'm earning as much as my salary!
Updates, Engagement, Events: So far about $750K distributed; Chaos Legion is loading...


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I have been trying to tell people that Splinterlands is the best blockchain game I have found for ages and that hive is the best blockchain.

People on other blockchains seem to be so focused on the blockchain or game they are using that they just disregard every other project.
I’m not sure if it’s the money they invested that blinds them or they just don’t want to look else where.

Even though I love using hive I have looked elsewhere to see what others have done so that I know that what is good and what is not. This includes looking at other games and investing in them.

Whilst some games look promising, there are a lot of games out there that have no way to to get your investment and/or rewards off the game or cost a large amount of money to start playing.

I will keep searching for a game that lives up to the hype whilst playing Splinterlands. I can not believe how underrated Splinterlands is. Or hive for that matter.

Hive is the most underrated blockchain out there. How it is not considered the number #1 blockchain I just can not understand.


Can't agree more.

There are upcoming futuristic games built at the top of several blockchains and there are already existing great ones. While, under any branches, Splinterlands is at Top 5-10, there is no listing or campaign coming from exchanges.

While this can be a great win-win case for the first CEX that lists Splinterlands and boost it to attract attention of people with only $10; they are not eager to uncover this hidden gem. Will it always stay hidden? Of course not! Yet, they will have missed a massive opportunity to differentiate themselves from the other counterparties in terms of Play2earn model.

Their ignorance or blindness delay the well-deserved hype for such a precious game. Sad for both sides...