IHTD - Road To Be A Million HIVE Holder - DAY 129- 40685 HIVE


My journey

Hi! I'm liuke, a typical HIVE user and also CEO of @hashkings, which is now the project of my life and in which I work every single day, from Monday to Sunday and I love it

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Wrongly I think we all thought the last year's crazy returns and uptrend was going to continue forever and i must say my worst mistake was to not BUY MORE HIVE, in the other hand my best decision was to start the new HK ecosystem and create experiences for the HIVE blockchain.

Because of this and after thinking on this really deep, I'm pushing myself to grow my HIVE account as much as I can to one day become a HIVE millionaire, and of course, I will be sharing this journey on a daily basis.

You can check the basic rules I will be applying in this journey on this post, and as Dr strange said:


From now most of my new liquid HIVE comes from splinterlands and rising star which I entirely power it up, and as you can check in the start of this journey I'm mainly accumulating 3 TOKENS on this account:

  • HIVE
  • BUDS
  • HBD

Also as i mentioned before, the more HIVE, the more HP I will delegate to @hk-curation thus the more curation rewards HK-staking will receive from it, is a win-win situation for me, hive, and the HK ecosystem.

- Numbers Day 129

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Jezz almost 130 have gone since we started this wonderful experiment which you can see is going pretty well, despite the bear market our holding doesn't stop growing and is not requiring an injection of capital from outside to do it, at the same time is adding value to the hashkings ecosystem.

So far we're consolidating in the 40k zone with 40685 HIVE, being half of this hive power so the 30k zone is protected, other great part is BUDS which price can dance in a range of +-20% based in his past performance and finally i'm trying to build more HBD with a sidequest of accumulate 5000 HBD.

As you know the strategy is as simple as get more HBD, use the interest to get more HIVE, power it and delegate it to @hk-curation, get BUDS, stake them and use the layered rewards to get more HBD. Is a snowball i'm creating within the ecosystem, also BUDS emission rate is going down each so this added to the fact HK burns a lot of BUDS each week, we're creating a solid economy.

HIVE, this wonderful blockchain, have native mechanisms that any other blockchain has so this mission of getting 1 million HIVE is a life goal at this point, even in a bear market the HIVE price is so attractive, so i can't imagine how will HIVE behave in a fully bull market, the reason i'm getting more HBD now is that i'm not sure if BTC have touched the bottom yet.. So having a bag of HBD creating interests can allow me to jump in the deep to get more HIVE.

basically, our actual revenue sources are the following ones (by apr):

  • HP growth (is really passive)
  • SWAP.HIVE: BUDS LP rewards + fee
  • HP delegation to hk-curation
  • HBD saving rewards
  • Cartel dividends
  • HK Farming
  • Youtube income
  • BUDS Staking (100% passive)

Based on this and talking just in terms on HIVE, when BUDS goes up basically 4 of our revenue sources get stronger as BUDS basically fuels mos of those rewards, the case of a downtrend BUDS is not really something i would expect as the numbers are healthy, BUDS is being used more than ever and its emission rate is lowering at a decent rate per month.

¿How much HIVE do you think we will have tomorrow?



Cya in the next post ;)

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