IHTD - Road To Be A Million HIVE Holder - DAY 14 - 29977 HIVE


Hi! I'm liuke, a typical HIVE user and also CEO of @hashkings, which is now the project of my life and in which I work every single day, from Monday to Sunday and I love it

Wrongly I think we all thought the last year's crazy returns and uptrend was going to continue forever and i must say my worst mistake was to not BUY MORE HIVE, in the other hand my best decision was to start the new HK ecosystem and create experiences for the HIVE blockchain.

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Because of this and after thinking on this really deep, I'm pushing myself to grow my HIVE account as much as I can to one day become a HIVE millionaire, and of course, I will be sharing this journey on a daily basis.

You can check the basic rules I will be applying in this journey on this post, and as Dr strange said:


From now most of my new liquid HIVE comes from splinterlands and rising star which I entirely power it up, and as you can check in the start of this journey I'm mainly accumulating 3 TOKENS on this account:

  • HIVE
  • BUDS
  • HBD

Also as i mentioned before, the more HIVE, the more HP I will delegate to @hk-curation thus the more curation rewards HK-staking will receive from it, is a win-win situation for me, hive, and the HK ecosystem.

Day 14 - Numbers



Probably this will be the last day with a big jump at least until i start getting paid by youtube haha! But on the other hand I'm soooo happy we're almost at 30k HIVE and love the current situation with BUDS cause all the numbers are really positive, basically there more players than ever on hashkings, more BUDS, and other coins used in the different features, this week we burned and staked more BUDS than the ones that were minted and along with the fact that BUDS are deflationary, there's not the better moment for my journey cause i get the most HIVE and the most BUDS for the less money.

So today there was a green day haha, in fact we are sitting at 29977 HIVE and virtually at 30k, we got a growth of 4.15% since the last report that left us with a 165.94% accumulated so far, this also means we need to multiply our current portfolio for 33.35X to get our million.

And finally, the amount we got today is basically 10.59% of the initial amount of HIVE. Is also crazy to think all those juicy curation rewards that will be flowing to the staking rewards pool thanks to all the delegators participating in the hashkings ecosystem.

¿How much HIVE do you think we will have tomorrow?



Cya in the next post ;)

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