Catching the children early + parents involvement


Good morning parents and my amazing people, I trust we're all doing well? Please I will like to share with you my idea on how we can;

catch our children in their early stage.****+ parents involvement.
This topic has been of concern to me knowing too well that the way things are going, our kid's attention is drawn to what they see and hear.
We're blessed with children talented and gifted. Our children are dynamic and wonderful, none is arrogant. Don't forget we have two bold temperament The extrovert and Introvert.


Now let's look into these two temperament.
Extrovert which is further divided into two Sanguine and Choleric.

When you see a child that is;

  1. Social, outgoing, leadership and carefree you don't need to worry, why this is because your child is a SANGUINE. What can we do as parents guide the child wisely on these areas and trust you'll get the best of that child restricting him or her from becoming who he or she should be does more harm than good. You know why? Most at times you might not be there so whatever or whoever that give that child the attention, automatically becomes the friend.
    What can we do as a parents? Guide that child, give that child attention, get the child involved in outdoors activities, provide some materials that is needed according to the age of that child, checkmate time to time to avoid others taking advantage of the child.


  1. When you notice a child that is ; short tempered (any little thing the child throws things away), impulsive, restless and active, that child is not possessed but a CHOLERIC.
    What can you do as a parents? love and care for that child, give that child maximum attention, speak good words to that child, provide a conducive environment for learning (don't take that child to a bullying school), also know things that makes him or her happy, provide materials that will improve him positively. If you're a teacher make that child your friend.

Take a look at these second phase
The Introvert is also sub divided into two.

  1. You spots out a child that's; thoughtful, peaceful, careful and tempered calm that child is simply telling you I'm PHLEGMATIC.


Children of this temperament carefully select their friend, thinks before they act, easily let go of any hot by a child. Mummies and Daddy's that child should not be taken for granted. Don't force that child in doing what he or she don't want, be close to that child. That child if guided carefully can be a very good administrator.

  1. A child is analytical, unsociable, quiet, rigid and reserved. That child is not a dolly but a MELANCHOLIC.


Please children like this you can't hot them and go away, they calculate very well and give it back to you, they hardly make friend, if a child bully them, what such child will get in return will be double because they analyze before action. Dad and Mum when your child brings report to you give that child a listening hear and please try and follow up the complain before its too late. How do I mean when a MELANCHOLIC want to react no body can stop him or her.

Let me summarize by saying that knowing who our child is on time and guiding them will save us from future fears. Again take no matter the number of children you have they are different and unique in their own way, the same method can not go for all. Learn them and understand them then you can know that best way to be their friend, for as a parents you're to be their number one friend, they should be able to confined in you from child. Above all PRAY for your kids continually.
Thanks for stopping by to go through this post. I'm your @ihechi