#APUD 01/02/2023-Become a winner in Life by saving to invest.



Hello my fellow Aliveans, how was your day, night today depending the time you will read this post.lol. life of a mother and a business woman is not as easy task. But it will not prevent me from saving for the future. #apud power day is a day i will not like to miss because of the importance of it. We must save for the future.

Become a winner in Life by saving to invest

I remembered in 2013 when i went to business award for the year, about 50 person's qualified for car award and 30 qualified for international trip. One of the song that was used that day was STAND UP FOR CHAMPIONS I was imagining what they did to qualify because I have tried but it was not working for me.

After the award, i went to one of the leaders to know the secret. He said to me, it is impossible to invest if you are not saving. You have to save 80% of what you are earning now madam, if not you will not qualify for anything. I tried to understand him better so i asked him to explain it better. He went on to tell me what is required to qualify for the car and the international trip.

He told me that if i save up the amount he told me ,the next award i will be among the winners. As i came back home, i stopped some expensive life, some outing, some visiting and behold in 6 months, i qualified for international trip and car too. POWER OF SAVING

You may have very small business and when you look at your income, you think you can not save anything. Please start to save no matter how small it is, i tell you, you will be surprise what you will have in the next 5 years. Once you have enough money, you become an investor. It is as simple as that.

What if my account is earning very little?

Many people said you can only save when you have extra. But i am telling you that you can save when your earnings is very little. It is all about knowing what compounding is and the power of it. Can you imagine what you will have in the next 5 years by saving only $1 every day. That will be $1,825. What if you are saving $2, $3, or even $10. That is what we call 1x1=2.

The truth is that whether you save it or not, you will still use it so what are we talking. Make good plan for the future by saving and that inturn make you an investor and you become a winner.

I am going to stop here now. What have we discussed so far. Save your Alive by staking it. Gain infulence by holding it. Curate more quality post on Hive blockchain. YOU ARE NA WINNER BY SAVING