Never give up on your Hive/Leo goals



I have come to see that many people wish to be like that successful Man. They want to live the kind of good life He is living. Drive the type of car he is driving. But they are not ready to pay the price. There is this Man in my city who is a wealthy Man now. One day He shared His painful stories before the success stories everyone one is aspiring now.

He said that after primary school, His father told Him that He has no money to send Him to secondary school. Since He loved education, He went to secondary school on the day school resumed and cried to the principal. He told Him that He want to go to school but His father has no money. He told the principal to pay his school fees and record it. That He will pay him back when he finish school and get a job.
The principal sent him home that he was not serious. The following day he was the first student in the school and swept the school compound. When the principal asked Him why , he said He want to be a teacher and a business Man so He will not miss school. The principal tried to tell him that there is no free school but He never stop going to school every day.
When the principal saw his interest, he agreed on His proposal. Immediately he finished secondry school, He got a job as a teacher and his first one Year salary, he used it to pay the principal. And He further his education while teaching and graduated with flying colors.

Never give up, great things take time.

Can you imagine the determination in this Man. His parents had no money but his persistency made him what he is today. How many people will do this that he did. Not many. Do not be among 95% of people who want things to be easy for them. Who complains everytime , gives reasons why they cannot do it or why they will not achieve their goals. The truth is that, excuse is very cheap and only the poor can achieve it.

You have set some goals to achieve on hive this 2023. January is almost gone, have you started to achieve something or did you experience some challenges that seems so big and try to throw you of balance. Don't give up. Life can never promise you easy going, is you that will make it easy for yourselves. Do not forget that before you tell success stories, there must be painful stories.

The motivation in any story is the painful side and how you overcame it to be what you are today. Success is like a wheel barrow, if you push it , it will move, if you stop pushing, it will not move again. No matter what you are going through, don't give up. Your success story is closer than you think. The year is no longer 12 months remaining, it is 11 months, before you know it, it will remain 1 day so keep pushing . You can set weekly goal and do your best to follow it and never miss it for excuse that will not bring gain.

You are closer to achieving your goals

For example, your Leo goal is to reach 5kLp and you have 1 Leo today, it is no longer 5k LP remaining but 4,999k remaining, and it keep reducing every day. So quiting because you couldn't meet up monthly requirements now will not help because what tomorrow holds, no one can tell. You can make it big tomorrow. Do not watch your dreams on television but work hard to watch it happen in real life. Success need patience. Patience is a virtue. It is a good quality that all successful Men had. You too can be successful if you will have patience.

Thank you for reading .
Hive on all the achievers.

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