#LPUD and March goals


hello and welcome to all the readers.

Yes, LPUD is tomorrow 15th March'2023. I have been preparing for tomorrow's participation.
But unfortunately, i have fallen short and will not reach the required Leo in time.

I don't have spare Hive to buy Leo from market. As all the Hive i am accumulating now goes towards my march goal to reach dolphin.

To reach dolphin i need 10 Million Vests. That's also getting tricker as the Hive price fluctuates the target moves further and further away.

The initial calculation was 5000 Hive = 10 Million Vests. But now it is a little less than 6000 5600 Hive. (corrected)

I still need around 228 Hive, i.e 13.4 hive per day.

I will be selling few of my other crypto assets in the coming days to bridge the gap. Rest is from the posts and curation.

The path looks daunting but i am determined to reach the goal, if not on 31st March, but surely before 10th April.

The goal has it's significance. As 11th April, marks the 3rd anniversary on Hive blockchain.

I will continue accumulating Leo and power-up everything on the next #LPUD event on 15th April'23

Thank you for reading my post.

Have a nice day.


Failure is not the opposite of Success. It is part of Success.
--- William Ritter

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