#MyHiveGoals - Goals v/s Progress


Hello and welcome to all the readers.

A decent progress this week. Moving slowly and steadily towards the goal.

A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim to - Bruce Lee

Yes it's true. Goals does keep me motivated and focus.

In preparation for the next #hivepud, i have placed few orders to convert HBD earned on posts to Hive.

As mentioned before, the first post will be 100% power-up, the remaining will be set to 50/50. This will help me with my HBD goal.

Short term goals for May '2023:

For monthly goals, I am going to focus on only three main tokens.

TokenGoal to Reachlast Week (19/05)Today (26/05)% AchievedStill Need
Hive Power60455929.4815975.80598.86%69.195
Leo Power21902020.5552049.61593.59%169.445
CTP Power8175080486.31581245.06999.38%504.931

Note: liquid Leo added to Leo Power total.

5 more days left in May. I will be short on the goals but, progress is much better than last month.
But, the progress on Leo goals was not as per mark. Need to do some adjustments.

New June 15th LPUD goal:

Reach 150 Leo before the next LPUD on 15th June.

Goal to Reachlast Week (19/05)Today (26/05)
15012.898 (8.59%)41.958 (27.97%)

Need approx 5.15 Leo per day to reach the goal.

2023 Yearly Goals:

Token2023 Goallast Week (19/05)Today (26/05)% Achieved
Hive Power75015929.4815975.80579.67%
HBD Savings1001515.293523.77752.377%
CTP Power10000180486.31581245.06981.245%
LEO Power35012020.5552049.61558.54%
Alive Power3000119511.236719765.236765.88%
Sports Power20000011224604.0571235647.22461.78%
CTP Miner30114415451.16%

Note: if required, i will adjust the goals as the year progresses.


Work in Progress:

My other goals as part of the Continuous improvement process

  • Improving the quality of posts
  • look at other subjects and communities
  • improve engagement on other's post. Better quality comments
  • Earn 10$ per post.
  • Earn 100 CTP per post.


I will continue exploring new and existing games in 2023

  • RisingStarGame - Currently on level 134. 2600 cards in the game.
  • DCity - Only one hotel. May invest in 2023.
  • DCrops - Got a free pack during pre-launch. Will start playing in 2023
  • Splinterlands - I have won few cards in the giveaways and also have a small amount of DEC & SPS tokens in the game. Not sure if i will play the game, but surely invest in the game.

Followers on Hive:

Goal 2023 - 1000 Followers
Current - 408 Followers & 315 Following [no follower(s) added since last update.]

Thank you for reading my post

Have a nice day.

Farhad Kias [imfarhad]

Failure is not the opposite of Success. It is part of Success. --- William Ritter

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You have a massive $LEO power
I am also staking all and targeting for 100K by the end of year
Add me in your fan list for autovote lol


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Hello imfarhad. You are doing very well on your goals. Great job! You are getting very close to your May goal. Have a great weekend! Barb :) !BBH !CTP