#MyHIveGoals - September, week 4, progress and updates.

Hello and welcome to all the readers.

A decent progress since last post.

To earn #LPUD (Leo power-up day) badge, i have created a new goal. The goal is to reach 150 liquid Leo token before December 15th 2022.

As #HivePUD is few days away, i will convert my liquid HBD to Hive and power-up on the #HivePUD day.

This week, i claimed my HBD interest.

Currently, I have been doing atleast 2/3 posts a day including actifit posts.

New LPUD goal:

Reach 150 liquid Leo before 15th December.

Goal to Reach% completed

Short term goals for September'2022:

For monthly goals, i am going to focus on only three main tokens.

TokenGoal to Reachlast Week (16/09)Today (23/09)% AchievedBalance
Hive Power42053901.1623939.80493.69%265.196
Leo Power10301015.7621031.129100%Reached
CTP Power6405061280.45361690.42796.316%2359.573

Few more days left for september, I am way short on my CTP and Hive goals.

Update on yearly goals - 2022:

My ultimate plan is to reach Dolphin status by end of 2022.

TokenGoallast Week (16/09)Today (23/09)% Achieved
Hive Power54003901.1623939.80472.96%
CTP Power7500061280.45361690.42782.25%
Leo Power12001031.1291031.12985.927%
Sports Power1000000914357.719915925.14191.59%
Actifit Token2500025635.39527408.00Reached
CTP Miners35014414441.14%
Index tokens500320.16320.1664.032%
UTOPIS tokens4041.066881241.0668812Reached
Alive tokens1500014622.115114752.178498.347%



My other goals as part of the Continuous improvement process

  • Improving the quality of posts
  • look at other subjects and communities
  • improve engagement on other's post. Better quality comments
  • Earn 10$ per post.
  • Earn 100 CTP per post.


Followers on Peakd:

Goal - 500 Followers
Current - 370 Followers & 286 Following [zero follower(s) added since last update]

Thank you for reading my post

Have a nice day.

Farhad Kias

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