#MyHiveGoals - set June goals and progress updates..

Hello and welcome to all the readers.

A decent progress this week. A start of new month, time to set goals for June.

Yesterday was #hivepud day, i powered-up 56.676 Hive. A decent contribution for this month.

The first post is always 100% power-up, while the remaining are set to 50/50. This will help me with my HBD goal.

New short term goals for June '2023:

For monthly goals, I am going to focus on only three main tokens.

TokenGoal to Reachlast Week (26/05)Today (02/06)% AchievedStill Need
Hive Power62805975.8056078.01296.78%201.988
Leo Power22752049.6152069.29790.96%205.703
CTP Power8425081245.06982242.84997.62%2007.151

Note: liquid Leo added to Leo Power total.

June 15th LPUD goal:

Reach 150 Leo before the next LPUD on 15th June.

Goal to Reachlast Week (26/05)Today (02/06)
15041.958 (27.97%)61.64 (41.09%)

Need approx 6.8 Leo per day to reach the goal.

2023 Yearly Goals:

Token2023 Goallast Week (26/05)Today (02/06)% Achieved
Hive Power75015975.8056078.01281.03%
HBD Savings1001523.777523.77752.377%
CTP Power10000181245.06982242.84982.24%
LEO Power35012049.6152069.29759.11%
Alive Power3000119765.236719919.436766.4%
Sports Power20000011235647.2241244543.14162.23%
CTP Miner30115415451.16%

Note: if required, i will adjust the goals as the year progresses.


Work in Progress:

My other goals as part of the Continuous improvement process

  • Improving the quality of posts
  • look at other subjects and communities
  • improve engagement on other's post. Better quality comments
  • Earn 10$ per post.
  • Earn 100 CTP per post.


I will continue exploring new and existing games in 2023

  • RisingStarGame - Currently on level 135. 2600+ cards in the game.
  • DCity - Only one hotel. May invest in 2023.
  • DCrops - Got a free pack during pre-launch. Will start playing in 2023
  • Splinterlands - I have won few cards in the giveaways and also have a small amount of DEC & SPS tokens in the game. Not sure if i will play the game, but surely invest in the game.

Followers on Hive:

Goal 2023 - 1000 Followers
Current - 409 Followers & 317 Following [one follower(s) added since last update.]

Thank you for reading my post

Have a nice day.

Farhad Kias [imfarhad]

Failure is not the opposite of Success. It is part of Success. --- William Ritter

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The first post is always 100% power-up, while the remaining are set to 50/50. This will help me with my HBD goal.

That's an interesting strategy! I never played with the % of rewards and keeping them on default 50-50, but maybe I should do something similar... But, when HIVE goes up a bit, as pushing HBD now isn't the best way to do it (in my opinion)...

Nice progress in all fields! Good job!


The 100% first post has two objectives, increase my hive power and also to win the monthly hivebuzz badge :-).
But i missed the badge as few of my last month first posts went 50/50. It's leofinance new interface to blame, irrespective of what you select its was taking default 50-50, hoping its fixed now.
I do my weekly myhivegoals post using leofinance interface for rest i use peakd and ecency.


Good growth on your Hive Goals there Farhad, and you have come a long way from your start, keep going and stay awesome.

Made in Canva


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