⭐️ Rising Star -Did 3 custom drum fair missions, opened 2 more card packs and more...

Hello and welcome to all the readers.

Progress has been good in the risingstar world.

So far, i have been doing mix missions to earn starbits.
All starbits earned in millionaire missions are used for card purchases. Part of the starbits earned doing other missions in the game are either swapped into starpro or used in music promoter missions. Starpro accumulated in the game is used to play promote fan base missions

Currently, doing a production lesson. Lessons are important to keep ego in control.

Game progress:

Today, first i did my millionaire mission and then did 3 custom drum fair mission.
1 DrumBody3,1 SilverCrymbals and 1 ChromeStands.

Drum Fair:


Card Opening:

Opened 2 card packs

Card Pack 1:


i133 Walnut Kit - 10 luck
i146 RSD5 - 5 luck
R323 Astro Rapper - 50 fans, 200 skill, 4 luck [rare]

A decent card pack. 3 duplicate card added to the collection.

Card Pack 2:


i143 Purple Mic - 1 luck
127 Chris - 10 fans, 5 skill
R313 Penny Whistle - 50 luck [rare]

A decent card pack. 3 duplicate card added to the collection.

Overall, added 6 more duplicate cards.

May Goals:

TaskGoalCurrent StatusBalance
Level1351345010 XP to next level
Swap / Music Promoter/ hive-engine60000520008000
Custom shop missions20164
Promote Fan club missions15513322
Ego< 10%0%-
*Ranking< 200228-

Required approx 5157 starbits per day to reach the starbits goal. The amount includes starbits required for swap and custom missions.

Game Stats:


Skills - 91909 from cards, 164912 from lessons
Fans - 107349 from cards, temporary 13872
Luck - 24911
Cards - 2577

Ego from fans - 121221 (13872 temporary drunk fans)
Ego from missions - 53880
Total - 175101

Starbits doing Millionaire missions - 30000

Players Ranking:


Rare cards for Sale:

The following rare cards are up for sale.

CardSale Price
R128 Luthien2.9 Swap.Hive
R147 Leon3.99 Swap.Hive
R158 Goose3.5 Swap.Hive
R188 Nytehawker3.15 Swap.Hive
R206 Rick1 Starpro
R186 Ivan2.5 Swap.Hive
R213 SA Cream Mic0.75 Swap.Hive
R207 Jesmel1.3 Swap.Hive
R211 Giovanna2.25 Swap.Hive

Anyone interested in buying cards for CTP tokens?

Thank you for reading my post.

Have a nice day.


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