⭐️ Rising Star - Purchased 5 can of petrol and did my first full band support mission. Opened 2 more card packs and progress updates

Hello and welcome to all the readers.

A good progress in the risingstar world. Ego is on 5%. One of the missions attracted loads of temporary fans.
Currently doing a production lesson, lasts for an hour.

Game progress:

Today, first i did my millionaire mission and then purchased 5 can of petrol spending 25000 starbits.

Then, i did my first full band support mission.

On completion, got a reward of 50 starbits.

Card Pack Opening:

Also opened 2 card packs.

Card Pack 1:


85 Kelly - 10 fans
88 MC Geezer - 5 fans, 5 skills
R206 Rick - 125 fans, 75 skills, 3 luck [rare]

A good fan pack. 3 duplicate cards added to the collection.

Card Pack 2:


i75 Karaoke Mic - 1 luck
i83 Hand Carved Djembe - 5 luck
R189 Roman - 125 fans, 75 skills, 3 luck [rare]

A good fan/skill ratio pack. 1 unique and 2 duplicate cards added to the collection.

Overall, 1 unique and 5 duplicate cards.

June Goals:

TaskGoalCurrent StatusBalance
Level1081062245 XP needed
Music Promoter300001200018000
Custom shop missions251213
Ego< 10%5%-
Ranking< 180209-

Need approx 3865 starbits per day to reach the starbits related goals
[includes the starbits needed for custom shop missions and music promoter goals]

Game Stats:


Skills - 34056 from cards, 28841 from lessons
Fans - 44064 from cards, temporary 6210
Luck - 8338
Cards - 936

Ego from fans - 50274 (6210 temporary drunk fans)
Ego from missions - 16382
Total - 66656

Starbits doing Millionaire missions - 40000

Players Ranking:


🖐 Have you read about the new changes in the risingstar world, specially for the millionaire mission?
You can read all about it here 👉 https://peakd.com/hive-195370/@risingstargame/changes-to-the-starbits-millionaire-mission
Still few more days before it goes live.

Thank you for reading my post.

Have a nice day.


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