Hive And Leo: Has There Been A Significant Improvement?

Crypto Market has a lot of data in it with an indication of interpretation. This article will be necessary for future reference as it analyze the price of hive and leo crypto.

Objectives of the study
To analyze the mean price of hive with box plot.

To analyze the mean price of leo with date.

Maximum and minimum price of both assets.

Correlation analysis of both assets.


To analyze the mean price of hive with box plot
The analysis of hive mean price can be seen below with SPSS software. The highest price of hive was closer to $0.8. This is 8 cents.


Taken With My Computer

The box plot of hive price also can be seen below. Detailed description shows it bulled above 8 cents as the 176 entry seen in the data view mode found in the conclusion part.


Taken With My Computer

To analyze the mean price of leo with date

The analysis of Leo price as said earlier has been $0.08. more detailed on this analysis can be found and there hasn’t been much significant improvement.


Taken With My Computer

Maximum and minimum price of both assets

The maximum and minimum prices of both crypto asset can be seen below.


Taken With My Computer

Correlation analysis of both asset

Analysis of correlation shows that as the price of hive improves on a bullish context the price of leo also does same on an average or medium level with coefficient 0f (0.651).


Taken With My Computer

However, this shows a medium form of improvement from what it used to be at (0.599). we can conclude that the relationship between both hive and leo has been improving since they are on same block chain.

This article has been able to examine the relationship between hive and leo token if there has been any significant improvement. There has been a significant improvement.

Other images are
Variable view


Taken With My Computer

Data view


Taken With My Computer


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