remember when you were a child, a nice memory to remember


Today is another day, when we think about life, sometimes we just nod our head, sometimes we smile or even burst into laughter and sometimes we cry.

the bible even said something about time and season, in ecclesiates that there is time and season for everything in life.

irrespective of you status, irrespective of your age, irrespective of your reputation. Time wait for no one, if you are supposed to do something and you procrastinate, is just as if you are robbing yourself of good thing.

what makes me come to think of this today is i remembered my primary school days, alot of activity, alot of fun and alot of difficulty according to my status and knowledge back then.

when i was small i always think that been in the class is too difficult, am always in a haste of moving to higher class.

but after getting to the class then i will discover the previous class the even easier than this current class.

again i will think that moving to the next class will be easier anf again more difficulty. and that is how life is .

The more you aim higher the more the difficulty. i was watching my sister at are school end of session party, looking happy doing every task she was given.

and i tought about it that one day she will also remember this day and smile, that is the importance of pictures.

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stay blessed.

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