2021 Investment Goals - Progress report


With this account I want to show that it is possible to build an online business/investment portfolio without any fiat money invested at the start.

This year I want to keep growing, using what I’ve learned in the past year. By setting goals I also want to prevent myself from spreading myself too thin or focusing on inferior goals.

These are my goals:

  • 10,000 CTP staked
    Goal reached!

  • 2000 base sim income for my dcity
    Dcity is in a tough spot, although the SIM price has shown an encouraging recovery from the lowest I have seen at 0,0008 swap.hive per SIM token. 0,0015 is better, but there is still a long way to go to 0,005, which is the soft-peg it should have. I have paused this goal for now.

  • 500 Leo power. The leofinance team are rolling out awesome updates constantly. I want to support that and take part in it.

  • 1000 hive power
    I am currently moving all my HBD earnings to the savings wallet for the 10% interest and as a way to take profit and hedge against the price of Hive dropping if the bull-run would end.

Passive investment tokens:

  • 250 Mpath tokens
  • 250 Dhedge tokens
  • 20 BRO
  • 25 UTOPIS

Currently my holdings are:

  • Hive Power: 773,705
  • CTP: Goal reached!
  • Leo: 472
  • Mpath: Goal reached!
  • Dhedge: Goal reached!
  • Bro: Goal reached!
  • Utopis: Goal reached!

My Big Hairy Audacious Goal:

  • Road to dolphin (5000 Hive Power): 15,47%

Growth needed to reach goal by the end of the year:

  • Hive Power: 13,31 per week
  • Ctp stake: Goal reached!
  • Leo stake: 1,65 per week
  • Mpath: Goal reached!
  • Dhedge: Goal reached!
  • Bro: Goal reached!
  • Utopis: Goal reached!

Add one hive is now between 3-4 Leo, I’ve been stacking quite a lot of Leo this week. I’ve powered up 32 Leo!

Since I have reached the CTP goal, I am using 50% of my CTP rewards to fund my other goals. The remaining 50% will be powered up to keep increasing my CTP stake.

As I have also reached my dividends tokens goals I only have my Hive and Leo goal left.

I have also decided to use my sim income from dcity to get more DHEDGE, as I have decided to pause my dcity goal. I am not selling my cards, but I am taking profit on the SIM income. If you want top do the same then all you have to do is send your SIM directly to @discohedge. You will then automatically receive Dhedge tokens in return.

As I’m creating 3speak videos from time to time now, my hive power is increasing nicely too. I am gaining on that goal, so I should probably start thinking about some new goals 😁

Well, that’s it for this week.

Thank you for the support guys, you make all the difference. Let’s grow together!

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