Stachytarpheta cayennensis


Friends, we meet again on this occasion And also I hope that you can always present interesting content here and of course if you present good content I will also be very happy to be able to read and also see content on here and also can see other people share the same thing though with different things and massages.

On this occasion I will of course give one thing to my friends here. Hopefully these things can be liked by friends and also friends are happy, therefore I will give one of the things related to photography

I want to share one of the pieces of flowers with friends where I share a photo of the flower and I also share it in this community because I like it and I also hope that my friends also like the flowers I share because I took the flowers two days ago and it's not too far from my house, therefore I'm certainly very happy to share it with friends here and also I hope friends like it if indeed friends don't like what I give on this occasion friends can leave comments or input to me because I need it too

this wild flower is a flower that grows alone in a place that is not too deep forest But it is still near my village but this tree grows alone and also has very beautiful flowers.see you next time give it a chance of course with very different things and hopefully we can be friends can achieve what I share See you again





Special thank


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