[Case Study] New Father of Twins Stays Connected to Splinterlands Using Bots

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In this article I discuss how the Archmage Splinterlands bot has helped me stay engaged with the game despite life changes, such as having newborn twins.

Botting has allowed me to continue using my cards and maintain my interest in the game, which is a great benefit for both the game and its players.

If you’re interested in botting Splinterlands to stay connected to the game without having to commit a lot of time, I highly encourage you to check out the Archmage Splinterlands bot at Archmage.app

I started playing Splinterlands in April of 2021 and have been hooked ever since, despite my typical distractions and time limits that would normally lure me away.

I've been playing games for a long time, and typically my game cycle is to be very interested in a game for a while before losing interest quickly and moving on to other things, but thanks in large part to the Archmage Splinterlands Bot, I've been able to keep connected to this game for nearly a year without stopping.

You see, there’s a lot that would normally take me away from a game like this, and even more so in this last year.

When I started playing the game in April:

  • I was a father of three.
  • My wife and I were expecting our next kid.
  • I ran and managed my own marketing company.
  • We were working toward getting back into our full-time RV lifestyle to boot.

During this past year, we found out that our next “kid” would actually be our next “kids” as we were shocked by the news that we were having twins.

The twins came in late October and immediately turned our world upside down. We adore them, but we weren't expecting the time burden having newborn twins would impose.

I had to shift my entire business model. Our family had to change our plans for traveling in the future. We basically had to relearn how to live life in these new circumstances.

Needless to say, playing Splinterlands was not my greatest or most essential concern. However, because of the Archmage Bot, I've been able to stay engaged with the Splinterlands ecosystem even in these crazy times in my life.

I’ve been a Pre-Alpha tester for the Archmage bot for a few months now.

I’ve been able to keep my accounts running, leveraging my collection, earning DEC, rewards cards, etc…

Even more importantly, because my collection is being played, I’ve been able to keep up an interest in what’s going on as the game develops.

Instead of just renting out my cards and losing interest, I’ve been keeping up with things like current winning strategies, which cards are essential from Chaos, and what changes like the coming launch of land might bring.

This extra motivation to stay interested is awesome! It means that I’m able to stay actively engaged which is ultimately better for the game ecosystem as a whole.

Instead of causing me to sit on the sidelines and let the bot do its thing, I've been able to stay engaged whereby all odds I should not have been able to maintain my attention towards the game.

I know that there’s a lot of heated debate around bots in the Splinterlands world. I hope my story helps to provide another view into the benefits that botting can provide both players and the overall ecosystem.

Botting keeps Splinterlands assets from flooding the market by keeping them in use. It also ensures there’s a healthy supply of games available for anyone wanting to play. Finally, it keeps people tied to this economy, spending more money to stay competitive and staying involved as things progress.

Furthermore, botting allows real people to stay connected to the game without having to commit the same amount of time. (I can vouch for it!)

If you’re looking to leverage your Splinterlands collection, stay connected to the game, and not have to invest the time you don’t have to do so… I highly encourage you to check out the Archmage Bot

I’ve been helping the Archmage team build the marketing and brand around this awesome service, and I’m excited to do so because of the benefits it can provide the community.

We’ve just opened sales for our Alpha Pass access tokens and will be launching the bots for Alpha Pass holders in February.

If you’d like to learn more, I invite you to join our discord or check out our white paper at Archmage.app

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Thanks for all your work during the pre alpha, and promoting the alpha. I'm having a blast with the bot as well. And congrats again on the babies!


Thanks for testing with us and thanks for the kind words :)



I can only second what Hammafista already told. I have only two kids, but the Bot helps me a lot, to focus on different things thant Splinterlands.

Now its sometimes more like managing a football team. Not playing on the field, or being the coach, but buying an renting players, to give the coach the best possible squad for his match day.

Best is, you can step in at any time.


I love the analogy of running a sports team - it’s different than playing coach and more like playing owner/manager.

It’s still a game that takes time and understanding, but it’s less time intensive!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!