Communication, I will term it to be life, as without communication life will barely be understood.
Have you ever been in a room with some kind of deaf and dumb human who barely understand even body language if you try that you will get a clear view of I mean when I say communication is life.

Giving an instance. You gave a man a save of 5000dollar with the aim of collecting it after 3 weeks, unfortunately you came back and found out the man is blind and deaf. The question is how do you retrieve your money from such person.

Communication in this ground will be invalid as that's the only factor that will give you your money.


Do you know communication can cause dispute?
And that same communication can settle dispute.
It all depends on how the conversation went, as matter of fact when two parties who can't converse very well meet there is every tendency that it will not end in peace but when there is one wrong and one right person there is a 50-50 probability of ending well or bad, but when it involves two right personality then a 100% probability of ending well is certain.

Communication logic
Wrong person + wrong person = 100% dispute
Right person + wrong person = 50% dispute -50% peace
Right person + Right person. = 100% peace.

All this end result comes from communication.

Talking of learning.
Children learn the act of communicating by expressing there feeling's through crying when they can't talk and some do by pointing to something and the message is passed through to whom ever is invoved, so also they are been taught in same way and that's how they grow with it knowing the importance of communicating.
There will never be learning when communication is not involved just like i am communicating through my write up and someone somewhere gets the message through reading and the support give me insight that i was able to talk to people around the world even though it's not verbally and even when I can't see them. And the support gives even more encouragement to continue to converse or rather communicate through this platform .

Don't forget communication is life
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