" Considering the case before me, after all investigation and finding from the evidence presented before the honourable Court of law I discovered that the charges layed against her are invalid and with that I hereby grant on to her bail with no charges on her. I have passed my judgement"
That was a judgement passed on a drug dealer and also a murderer. Now the question is why did the judge pass that judgement the way he passed it?

There are three grounds on which judgement can be passed from my own point of veiw and we will be looking vividly each one and the reason why each judgement is been passes based on each ground.

In the case of emotion, just as been stated on the original post where the question WHY is been asked we tend to pass our judgement sometimes base on the emotional stress without sitting back to rethink on what possible result of our judgement will be. Looking intently to this story you will be able to acertain what i am trying to communicate here.
"A woman had a dog and a son who is still an infant, the dog has been a very good friend to both the woman and her son. On several occasions she had left that little boy under the custody of that dog when ever she is going out, this has been happening until it came a day when she left the boy and went out to get something, not quite long she came back only to find the mouth and body of the dog stained with blood.
Oh no she said to her self.
After looking for the son everywhere and couldn't find him she decided to pick a pistol from the kitchen on which she used to hit the dog until the dog died she sat down to cry when she eventually heard the cry of her little baby under the bed she went towards that direction and discovered tye baby laying safe and sound under the bed but beside the baby was a very big python laying dead with blood everywhere. It hen occurred to the woman that all the dog tried to do was to safe her baby but then the judgement passed on it was a regret to the judge she should have done a proper investigation before passing the judgement. The judgement was she killed what saviour of her son. So you can see how emotions can make us take drastic decision that will hurt us in the later future.


We sometimes place our judgement base on the character an individual showed to us. A man practically refuse to give out assistance in an office even when is in position to do that is termed to be a wicked man.
So that judgement is base on the character that man in the office executed.
A woman who chased her In-law from the house because she hate sharing her house with some other people not even regarding the position of the people she staying with in her life. That act of a wife to her In-laws termed to be a wicked act if the inlaws were to judge her. So ones character can determine how one is judged so also if that woman's character is the other way round she will be judged as a good woman.



This is anoyhe situation that can cause judgement to be passed even in favour of one who is guilty of a particular crime.
So a judge passes judgement under pressure with the life of his family on the line.
Now back to the first story of the judge, his family were kidnapped and are threatened to be killed if only he refused to favour the culprit and without option he passes the judgement according to the condition given to him.
So pressure can also make one pass judgement even when it's harmful to the society.

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