Fighting my favorite summoner and it was very lucky

Yodin Zaku is a very powerful summoner, but in certain circumstances it is not a good choice to win, personally I recommend that you use it to focus the attack on a main target, not for its explosive ability.

In my case I had to fight against yodin and I managed to win, it is because the opponent had a disadvantage in which the ranged attacks were reverted towards the enemy, therefore she could only use melee attacks or magical attacks; I saw this opportunity to use "owster rotwell" which has the ability to reverse magic damage or part of the magic damage received.


If one observes the battle with the naked eye, the advantage was my opponent by level in the cards, but my summoner would reverse all the magic damage, leaving only the melee attack monsters.
And another problem of my opponent is that I leave a monster to only take damage in the last line which is effective if you use "Mylor"

Link of fight :


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