What Can I Invest $100 Monthly On Hive ? Hive, HBD Savings, HP, pHBD?


It has been a long time ever since I put some words down here and I am glad that I am doing it now. I have been busy off Hive trying to look for some crypto-related jobs which I luckily managed to secure.

I am glad that I was able to secure some small gigs that can supplement my income and on that note, I can now be able to spare a meagre $100 monthly to invest in Hive!

I do know that investing $100 monthly is really small money, but I also know that no investment is small.

I have been reading and seeing a lot of developments happening on Hive and it seems I am lost for choice on where to throw my meagre $100 with the hope of some profit.

What Is Offering The Best ROI on Hive Now?

I have zeroed down to over four investment decisions, which can be increased based on your replies and experience.

I have come up with these four because it is what I can find with my current state of mind, remember I have been off Hive for a long time, so I can be advised accordingly!

Since I have been off Hive for a long time, there might be new investment opportunities that seem hidden, so I would be grateful if you guys let me know in the comments below.

1. Hive

The easiest and simplest thing to do for any new person on Hive is to of course buy our beloved Hive!
The pic above shows the current Hive price ie $0.88 at the time of this writing.

I am glad that there are many exchanges where Hive can be bought from. I just realized that more have been added when I was off and I just have to keep comparing among the exchanges so that I receive the best deal.

I can decide to buy Hive and just chill and wait like all of us ie the moon hahaha!

Yes, we all know that Hive has great fucking potential out there, especially with the rapidly growing web3 economy.

I can scoop over 100 Hive now with my $100 and if it hits the previous ATH of $3, then I would be in 3x my investment hehe.

2. HBD Savings

The other option I have is to buy Hive and convert it to HBD and then send it to my savings account which will earn me a cool 20% APR!


This is a clear option because the APR is known, so I can easily calculate my APR over time.

3. Hive Power(HP)

The other option available to me currently is to buy Hive and power it up into Hive Power ie HP


I do not know if 100HP can really make any significant difference on Hive, but I guess over time it can.

I can also maybe delegate it to a worthy project on Hive with a favourable ROI.

I might not really go into this investment choice unless someone in the comments convinces me or recommends a great project I can delegate my 100HP.

4. pHBD

The other option available according to the limited reading I have done so far is pHBD!

As I was scrolling through Twitter yesterday or the other day I came across this tweet by Leofinance that's shown in the screenshot below.


The tweet says you can earn 50% APR on your HBD by wrapping it to pHBD and providing PHBD-USDC liquidity on Polycub farms.

This tweet intrigued me and I going to read further on this and see what I can do.

What Do You Advise Me To Do?

So in conclusion this is what I have come up with and need to make one investment decision and will be able to invest the $100 monthly to any of these Hive projects.

I said earlier that $100 looks small but can compound with time hehe. I know I am supposed to make my own investment decision, but fuck there are many smart folks here on Hive who can advise me and then I pull the final trigger on what to do.

I would be very grateful if you gave me advice on where to drop my $100, I want to start the investment at the start of next month with is just days away.

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Jarau Moses

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Currently, HBD has the highest return on investment.

I think you might want to start with deciding how active you want to be on HIVE.

If you are looking for passive income, then you should start with HBD. You might also consider putting some funds in the various liquidity pools such as the Diesel pools on TribalDex

As you mentioned, pHBD is a liquidity pool with a high rate of return. The liquidity pools have some risk and their APR will drop as more people invest in them.

IF you want to be active on HIVE, then the best decision is to invest in HIVE POWER and the different alt coins on HIVE engine.

The alt-coins took a beating after the 20% APR announcement; however it might be a good time to buy in.

I was looking at your HiveStats page shows only two posts, but it shows you've been actively curating.

You probably should do some maintenance on your Hive Engine account.

You probably should sell the coins for tribes that don't interest you and stake the coins for the tribes that strike your fancy.

Most of the coins on Hive-Engine lack liquidity. There is often a huge gap between the ASK and BID. Most of the transactions are under a HIVE. You might try buying and selling coins on HIVE engine just to see what happens.

It is best to do transactions in small increments as large transactions radically change the board.

I mentioned that the coins have "low liquidity" on HE. This simply means that there is not very many people actively trading on HE. Actively trading on HE will improve the liquidity problem.

BTW, there are many annoying bid bots on HE. If you place a buy just above the BID price, a bot will respond and immediately outbid you.

If you are interested in finance, you probably should stake your CENT and LEO.

There are many failing tribes. However, some of the failing tribes still have high interest rates and activities. For example, I just acquired some BHT. Broadhive looks like a neglected tribe, but the coin has a good distribution and might pick up with just a few more posts.

Good luck.

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I actually plan on being more actively posting and commenting on Hive going forward as I have sorted most of the things that had kept me off here.

I am also looking at passive income, hence I might go for HBD savings and some HP, can a mere $50 or $100 of HP make any change really?

I have taken a long without checking my HE, time to clean it up as you say.

I will also look into some Hive altcoins that look undervalued like cub, poly and Leo(I just love the Leo economy hehe).

I will also check out diesel pools and see how they work.

Thanks a lot for your long thoughtful comment and taking the time to comment on my post.

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