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CTP can be converted to CTP POWER in a process called staking.
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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
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Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-8.247 HIVE
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Author reward: 6.57 CTP for jaxsonmurph/pob-when-is-rich-ever-rich-enough
Author reward: 3.813 CTP for jaxsonmurph/pob-no-better-world-now-chapetr-1-part-2
Author reward: 3.331 CTP for jaxsonmurph/banshee
Author reward: 0.33 CTP for jaxsonmurph/next-never-create-something-you-can-t-control
Author reward: 3.918 CTP for jaxsonmurph/ice
Author reward: 0.038 CTP for jaxsonmurph/pob-the-non-frugal-t-shirt-company-and-free-nft-giveaway-week-3
Author reward: 0.008 CTP for jaxsonmurph/the-mosquito-coast
Author reward: 0.061 CTP for jaxsonmurph/pob-no-better-world-now-chapter-1-part-1
Author reward: 0.107 CTP for jaxsonmurph/only
Author reward: 0.471 CTP for jaxsonmurph/captive-state
Author reward: 0.065 CTP for jaxsonmurph/pob-free-nft-giveaway-week-2
Author reward: 4.101 CTP for jaxsonmurph/kin
Author reward: 3.984 CTP for jaxsonmurph/will-gold-hold-it-s-value-as-we-reach-the-outer-galaxies-and-discover-other-precious-metals
Author reward: 3.513 CTP for jaxsonmurph/pob-my-free-proof-of-brain-nft-giveaway-has-arrived
Author reward: 3.785 CTP for jaxsonmurph/nova-vita
Author reward: 3.636 CTP for jaxsonmurph/dan-brown-s-the-lost-symbol
Author reward: 0.009 CTP for jaxsonmurph/pob-growth-through-awareness
Author reward: 4.016 CTP for jaxsonmurph/y-the-last-man
Author reward: 0.038 CTP for jaxsonmurph/see-season-1
Author reward: 0.023 CTP for jaxsonmurph/maximising-curation-rewards-on-hive-frontends
Author reward: 1.49 CTP for jaxsonmurph/pob-nft-giveaway
Author reward: 0.006 CTP for jaxsonmurph/occupation-rainfall
Author reward: 0.04 CTP for jaxsonmurph/glitch
Author reward: 0.078 CTP for jaxsonmurph/pob-returning-to-the-chaos
Author reward: 0.076 CTP for jaxsonmurph/are-we-seeing-a-dramatic-reversal-of-rankings-in-leofinance-compared-to-noise-cash
Author reward: 10.721 CTP for jaxsonmurph/the-forever-purge
Author reward: 8.117 CTP for jaxsonmurph/pob-favourite-article-of-the-day-contest-011
Author reward: 0.007 CTP for jaxsonmurph/last-resort
Author reward: 7.238 CTP for jaxsonmurph/pob-favourite-article-of-the-day-010
Author reward: 0.039 CTP for jaxsonmurph/pob-favourite-article-of-the-day-009
Author reward: 0.036 CTP for jaxsonmurph/pob-favourite-article-of-the-day-008
Author reward: 14.164 CTP for jaxsonmurph/into-the-night
Author reward: 0.065 CTP for jaxsonmurph/pob-favourite-article-of-the-day-007
Author reward: 0.028 CTP for jaxsonmurph/pob-favourite-article-of-the-day-006-with-added-incentive-for-growth
Author reward: 0.482 CTP for jaxsonmurph/qw983l
Author reward: 12.748 CTP for jaxsonmurph/what-happened-to-monday
Author reward: 0.002 CTP for jaxsonmurph/pob-favourite-article-of-the-day-005
Author reward: 1.016 CTP for jaxsonmurph/pob-favourite-article-of-the-day-004
Author reward: 2.653 CTP for jaxsonmurph/pob-favourite-article-of-the-day-003
Author reward: 70.241 CTP for jaxsonmurph/tribes-of-europa-a-netflix-original-series
Author reward: 0.072 CTP for jaxsonmurph/pob-favourite-article-of-the-day-contest-day-002
Author reward: 1.137 CTP for jaxsonmurph/pob-i-am-happy-to-announce-the-favourite-article-of-the-day-001-contest-launch-is-now-live
Author reward: 0.047 CTP for jaxsonmurph/pob-favourite-article-of-the-day-contest-goes-live-for-launch-tomorrow
Author reward: 0.003 CTP for jaxsonmurph/infinite
Author reward: 0.002 CTP for jaxsonmurph/qvuvq5
Author reward: 10.512 CTP for jaxsonmurph/the-tomorrow-war
Author reward: 9.611 CTP for jaxsonmurph/pob-favourite-article-of-the-day-contest-launch-this-friday-example-comment-update
Author reward: 0.004 CTP for jaxsonmurph/qvt9u9
Author reward: 1.257 CTP for jaxsonmurph/pob-favourite-article-of-the-day-contest-launch-prizes-update-for-this-friday
Author reward: 0.552 CTP for jaxsonmurph/pob-favourite-article-of-the-day-contest-launch-update