A missed opportunity; week's prompt #49

It was a month-long lockdown, the spread of the pandemic made everyone shiver to their spine as the news of daily deaths was reported on the radio and television.

It was going to be a long holiday, as I just stepped into my house and I was surely going to enjoy it. Weeks and months keep passing by with no good news, I was stuck at the fall walls of my house, it felt like prison, doing the same routine everyday. I was tired, I wanted more, I wanted to meet people, I wanted to learn something new. I just wanted to leave my house every morning and come back in the evening. To where exactly was I going, for what exactly was I going for, this thought keeps sticking in my mind.


Finally, it was good news on a bright morning, the stay at home had been lifted, as I hoped for school to start soon but it never came. I was exhausted from being left at home as everyone finds their way to keep them busy. I thought of learning a skill, it was a great idea but I just hoped my parents would support it as I patiently waited for my parents to come back.

"Daddy I want to learn how to bake" ummm ok, it's a nice idea I will give you feedback when I conclude with your mother.

Your Auntie knows how to bake all, why not speak to her let's know what she will say.

After exchange of pleasantries from me and my Aunty. I told her my ordeal. She told me she has work she needs to take care of but promised to teach me, if I get all the necessary materials and ingredients needed to learn. I thank her and motion to get back to her as soon as I get my materials ready.

It was time to get the materials done, I wasn't getting any positive results. I kept persuading and begging but landed on deaf ears. I felt sad, and frustrated. I couldn't stand staying at home alone just sleeping and eating and wasting the remaining month before I head back to school.

I was getting lazy everyday, I was lost in the middle of the road with no one to help. Surely, I refused to stay in my comfort zone as I sourced for another alternative. I decided to look for jobs. I wrote applications and CVs to companies. The establishments I passed by both hotels and eateries weren't left behind.


I finally got a job, a hotel job as I saw the message on my phone to come for an interview in the next two days. I was happy, at last I can leave my comfort zone to make some money before school resumes. I went for the interview and immediately was asked to resum work, I wasn't prepared yet but I started. I got several calls, asking where I was without telling anyone. I motioned to them something came up but will be back to explain myself. Just working that day I felt exhausted and tired but had to leave the next morning, getting home I was welcome by a resounding shout and yarning from my parents. I opened up to them, that I got a job and was asked to resume immediately. You are going to stop the work whether you like it or not. I had to obey and quit the job. I was back to before and kept on asking but to no avail.

One sunny day, my brother was on call I was patiently eardropping to his conversations.
"Where is the guy working" l asked

At mangerro table water, along portharcourt road. Ok, I'm going to apply there. He was talking with his client who sent his phone to be repaired, my brother was done with the work and gave him feedback to come collect his phone. I didn't waste much time as I headed way to print my application and CV before finding my direction to the company.

Weeks passed by and months passed by but no response but was still optimistic. It was on and before 25th of December I got a message to come for interview, though my parents have planned to go to village to spend the Christmas and I was not interested in going with them. It was a win win for me.

I was happy, my happiness knows no bounds as I look forward for the interview,I was excited when I was asked to start work immediately. Surely I was ready to do this work. My family left to the village to celebrate Christmas, I was left in this big house but at least I have a place to go and come back and I was happy for that.

My happiness didn't wave way for some longer time as it was cut short and we were asked to resume. I was in my 400l. After school resume, it was two weeks of revision then exams. I prepared for my exams as I worked everyday. I planned on holding on to my job and my school as I wasn't the type who joke with school but my parents disapproved of it and claim it was a distraction. Surely I was capable of handling this distraction but nobody cared to listen.

"You have to quit or else… l was left with no other choice than to quit my job, the results for that semester was my best results so far. I nailed it with both the stress but was sad I left the job.

Do you know how much I could have raised by now? I kept telling my Dad after I was done with school without finding anything to do.


greetings, @jeclyn60! thank you so much for this story. You are a young woman full of drive and the restrictions don't stop you from trying. Your story is written in a fluid and effective manner. You may want to carefully review the supporting materials to ensure that your stories contain the necessary elements that will make your writing better and better. If you want to write creative nonfiction, we suggest these materials as a starting point.
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