Sunset in the city



Usually life in the city is so busy that we can't stop to look at nature, and the big buildings don't allow us to look beyond them. However, there are special occasions when nature speaks a little louder than the loud noise of a smock-filled environment.

Yesterday was one of those days, when a beautiful sunset painted the sky orange and gave us a moment when we could only admire it. My husband says I exaggerate, but I think this sunset lasted much longer than usual. The bus ride home from the city center is about 30 minutes and during the whole trip, we gazed in awe at the intense orange that painted the sky.

Both he and I love sunsets so much, we enjoy watching them at home in Amazonas, where the sky always looks like a watercolor painting. But since we are here in the city, it has been a long time since we had seen one and it made our evening so happy to be able to witness it.

Sometimes you have to ignore all that and stop to look at what nature gives us.

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