Building passive income


Hello Everyone,

The importance of having a passive source of income cannot be overemphasized. Since the start of the year it has been my desire reduce the dependence on my day job by seeking alternative means to earn and so far it has been going great for me.


With Hive, CubFinance and PolyCub that goal has somewhat been achieved in the online scheme of things. It has been quite relieving enjoying that financial flexibility to an extent. Might not be there yet to I have sure made some progress towards it.

When it comes to building a passive income it takes time to build a huge portfolio but it is all about starting early. Been still in my 20's I feel I'm making the right decision investing and diversifying to achieve my long term goal.

Thinking of getting in stocks and real estate sometime in the future. But for the moment it's about taking calculated risks and watching my little investment grow gradually overtime.

Looking for a passive income source, CubFinance and PolyCub are great ones with their impressive APR. You might want to check them out and start earning of the side. With the world of finance been revolutionized, it is important to tap into that source.

Thanks for Reading

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