Great time to get in on PolyCub


Hello Everyone,

Going through PolyCub today, it was observed that the price also suffered a hit from the current bearish situation causing it to go down a bit thereby presenting an opportunity. As at time of writing price sits at $0.086


While others might see Dips in prices in the negative light, I tend to see them as a great buying opportunity and getting on in a project like PolyCub is sure a great one.

With the pol buying back PolyCub, halvening set to flatten out, bonding and collateralized lending and other features set to happen, I believe the prices will quickly recover.

Taking advantage of low prices is always a nice idea especially for project with solid potential. With the team behind I have no doubt things will eventually come through with time.

In the meantime, looking to increase my position in the stable pool of pHBD-USDC and locking up some funds in the vexPolyCub in the coming days. That's a great place to store up PolyCub if you believe in the future of this project.

Looking for a rare gem project with great potential? PolyCub is definitely one of them with it's sustainable DeFi system. Don't miss out on the opportunity to always invest when opportunity presents itself.

Thanks for Reading

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