How to keep Impulse Spending at Bay


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Spending money on anything we like can be fun until we look at the cost implication on our finances. In as much the urge comes to spend on impulse buying, we must put a check on that to avoid regrets and all that comes with making impulse purchases.


Resisting the urge to spend can be hard but it is important to exercise some form of restraint or control if we intend to keep in line with our financial goals. Going on shopping is great but our attitude towards it is what matters.

Here are ways that help you avoid making impulse purchases

Make a budget and stick to it

Coming up with a budget is the first to do thing to do in exercising control of our spending habits. A budget details your income and expenses for a set period of time. Creating a budget isn't all, sticking to it is the most important thing. The ability to avoid spending what isn't contained in your budget is what you must focus on.

Going only with amount of cash you'll need

Taking only the amount of cash you'll need when going on shopping is also another way to help keep your emotion or spending habits in control. Leaving your debit or card at home and opting for cash only will help you avoid the temptation. Sticking with strategy helps you only make purchases on the available cash at hand

Delaying your purchases

Oftentimes we tend to be controlled by our emotion. Giving ourselves the break to think about for a day or two has a way helping figuring out if we really need it. Following this tip helps you avoid hastiness while thinking through our decision

Engaging in a No spending challenge

Certain situation calls for making certain measures. This is one recommend therapy for those so deep in impulse buying. Engaging in this challenge and only spending on only essential needs is a great way to gradually break out of the addiction of making impulse purchases.


Dealing with any habit requires applying some form of discipline. Sticking with the above recommendations when it comes to controlling impulse buying will help a long way in you going overboard when in comes to your spendings.

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These are all really good tips. One thing I do when I go to buy something is ask myself how many different uses I can get out of it. Meaning how many different things can it do. If I can’t get multiple use cases out of something, I generally tend to not buy it.