Inflation? HBD got you


Hello Everyone,

Been from a developing country battling with rising inflation and a falling national currency, the desire has been to break away from unfortunate situation and live beyond it and fortunately HBD came to the rescue with it's Impressive offering.


The increase in it's APR from 10% to 20% was game changer has it induce building ones savings. Developing an improve culture of saving was my resolution this year and I hope to keep on with for as much as I can.

Apart from the benefits of saving in a superior currency it came with an APR that is hard to resist. At 20% I believe it is most lucrative savings rate one could get anywhere. Infact the traditional banking system has nothing on it as it interest rate totally dwarfs it.

With HBD it has improved my savings habit to such great heights. The goal is to build up much savings to the extent that I can passively survive on it without depending on my monthly paychecks while surviving in the inflation.

Looking for a better place to lock up your savings while still holding HBD? CubFinance and PolyCub has got you with their APR as much 30% APR on their stable pair of bHBD-bUSD and pHBD-USDC respectively. Don't miss out

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